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My thoughts & views on Fm13 Match Engine and tactics

  1. My thoughts & views on Fm13 Match Engine and tactics

    after playing a somewhat stop start start to Fm13 over the past few days I have picked up on a couple of things that may be useful for others to implement into creating tactics and or formations for the current Fm13 match engine (well with its many flaws, here is hoping the full release is a much better, more polished game and most of the glaring faults are erased)

    Match engine thoughts & views:

    1) playing a default formation like a simple 442 (with mr&ml) along with a 433 (with amc or dm) seem to work the best (I have not tried too many other ones but the more simple it is the better)

    2) having the player roles left as default (ball winning mid or attacking mid etc) seem to work a lot better with regards to a better team performance than setting player instructions manually as it seems to confuse the player)

    3) setting no opposition instructions works better as well, leave the the players to do their thing

    4) through balls are imperative in this years edition

    5) run with ball often works really well with pacey players who have good dribbling and flair stats so use that to your advantage

    6) goalkeepers are a mess at the moment but SI have made fixes for this so lets wait and see

    7) playing fluid or balanced and control also seems to work the best with short passing and a quick tempo

    8) take into consideration the weather on the day of the match, do not try and play a long ball approach if the wind his howling, rather keep it short and simple

    9) player switching, especially between the two front men (if playing with two strikers) works really nicely

    10) long shots also seem to be quite effective this year, (maybe its down to the awful goalkeeping AI, time will tell) take advantage of this if you have players like Podolski/Rooney/Van Persie/Ronaldo/Guarin/Inler/Cardozo etc)

    11) setting a playmaker as AMC with good decisions/passing/off the ball/technique and creativity and using a target man (mixed if good in the air and strong or to feet if good at finishing and long shots) seems to work nicely as well

    12) setting your past experience to International manager makes the game and team talks a lot easier in the first season, especially when managing big clubs (that is normally the case, but team talks are much, much easier than last years Fm)

    13) shoot with power PPM seems to work out well for players, especially as mentioned above with good long shot attributes

    more to follow...

    feel free to share your thoughts and give feedback, will update this with all your comments and thoughts


  2. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Meh. Was expecting another epic rant like last time. Let down
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  3. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    But the non-giving of inmatch istructions (shouts) and not giving additional instructions pre-match definately works for me

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ajt09 View Post
    But the non-giving of inmatch istructions (shouts) and not giving additional instructions pre-match definately works for me
    not sure what you mean exactly

    shouts work yes
    opp instrucions dont work

  5. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Quote Originally Posted by Raikan007 View Post
    not sure what you mean exactly

    shouts work yes
    opp instrucions dont work
    The usual "get stuck in" or "work ball into box" haven't been effective at all. Now it's "play through defence" or "run at defence" where I've been most effective when giving them during a match. But the ones that do work I've noticed start being implemented immediately which is handy when losing
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  6. Interesting and I mostly agree. The one difference I've seen is related to opposing player instructions - if I set general team pressing to whole pitch and individual player pressing likewise they don't seem to press; setting the opponent to be closed down makes a huge difference. At least until I set every opposing player like that and my team just ran round like headless chickens

    On the weather, I'm convinced one of my players had trouble with a high ball when facing into the sun. Maybe that's just the crappy engine though...

  7. the closing down settings are being worked on to my knowledge fm20.. it is a problem at the moment..

    not sure about the sun lol, that would be interesting...

  8. lol this game makes me mad... winning 2:0 against PSV with Ajax, completely controlling the game, switched to defensive for the last 10 minutes and conceded 2 goals.. I give up lol

  9. make that a 3:2 loss hahahhaa anyway.....

  10. Raikan007 is mad.. I love it.

    I think miles is shitting his pants right now.... The game has lost all its AI and gained a shitty skin. THAT IS FM13....
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