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FM13. The Pav Tactic Thread. 442, 433, 451
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  1. FM13. The Pav Tactic Thread. 442, 433, 451

    Hello FM Base. I'm going to give you an introduction of my story as Wolves manager and the success I have had. I started a wolves game on the beta and have created some tactics and have been getting some remarkable results. I am currently in my 3rd season. I started off with the 442. Won the championship. It was very effective as i was the favourite for most games and it suited my players. I also beat Man City 7-1 away. Tbh I put this down to the crossing bug rather than skill if i'm honest that game was My game then updated and they fixed the bug. I carried on with the 442 in the Prem and it was still getting results but i was struggling against better teams and it seemed not as effective as it once was.Then in about November I switched to a 433 in a tough away game and i stuck with it for the rest of the season. I finished 2nd and i only lost 4 games. So i had champions league football with wolves for my 2nd season in the prem. Crazy. In preparation for the UCL I wanted to see how the 433 played against the best... Barcelona, they also play the same formation as me so it seemed like the obvious test, so I played them in a pre-season friendly and well... I got smashed and they dominated the game. So It was clear I needed a champions league tactic if I was to get anywhere against the better teams, therefore I went 451 in the champions league. Where funnily enough I drew Barcelona. It was a great test for the tactic and I beat them 2-0. I also beat Leverkusen 6-0. I am currently swapping tactics depending on the game and the opposition and I am currently unbeaten in my 3rd season. But hey the best way is to show you, so roll on the screenshots.


    FM13. The Pav Tactic Thread. 442, 433, 451-champ.pngFM13. The Pav Tactic Thread. 442, 433, 451-prem-1.pngFM13. The Pav Tactic Thread. 442, 433, 451-prem-2.png
    RESULT 442

    FM13. The Pav Tactic Thread. 442, 433, 451-wolves-score.png

    RESULT 433

    FM13. The Pav Tactic Thread. 442, 433, 451-wolves-433-liv.png
    RESULT 451

    FM13. The Pav Tactic Thread. 442, 433, 451-wolves-barc.pngFM13. The Pav Tactic Thread. 442, 433, 451-wolves-451-lev.png

    FM13. The Pav Tactic Thread. 442, 433, 451-team-tactics.png


    FM13. The Pav Tactic Thread. 442, 433, 451-433-form.pngFM13. The Pav Tactic Thread. 442, 433, 451-442-form.pngFM13. The Pav Tactic Thread. 442, 433, 451-451-form.png

    I really feel that these formations are fantastic. But I want to see how you guys get on with them. So any feedback or storys on how you get on will be appreciated. If you go messing with the player roles, then it's no longer the tactic i have uploaded. They work. Trust me. Buy players to suit the roles. And the sky is the limit. Player instructions are pretty much default but there has been changes to the full backs and wingers. So you get more of a link up like Baines/Pinnear or G Nev/Becks and they should inter link more. Also with the training change it up with the match preperation to your discression and even it out over the season. I change it up every month and it seems to work. I have focus on balanced and intensity on high. The football you will play with these tactics will be brilliant. There all pretty similar tactics just slight variation from each other. Good luck and i hope i have been helpful and hopefully you can do as well as i'm doing. - 442 - 433 451
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  2. You think this tactics will work to Polish Team?

  3. This looks really good. Congrats on your achievements, looking forward to the download links!

  4. looking forward to test them =)

  5. Want to start a new everton save and will use these when they become available and get back with some feedback Pav

  6. These look very impressive, and with my team too! Looking forward to their release, any idea when that'll be Pav?

  7. Been using the 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 of these tactics since November and have just secured 6th in the league with Southampton as well as winning the League Cup!

    Highly recommended
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  8. Rich had a heads up as he's a m8, so he's the only one to test it apart from me. Wanderer i hope you do as well as i have, there my team too. Kevin Doyle scored 23 goals in the prem. lol... i know. Sako has been a monster and even RJ at the back has been a beast as the BPD. Good luck, they will get released as soon as the mods clear the files
    Slug, hopefully will work well with Everton, the 451 was inspired by everton as its basically the classic moyes tactic. And galizero, it should work being a polish team, i see them more as underdog tactics due to the counter attacking way you will play. Let us know how you get on. And thanks everyone for the possitive feedback so far

  9. Can you upload tactics into classic mode? I tried putting a tactic from FM12 into classic mode and it wouldn't do it.

  10. Have you made any changes regarding individual player instructions or have you left them as default?

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