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4-3-3 CCC

  1. 4-3-3 CCC

    Just created this tactic needs tweaking in defence can leak a few goals every now and then , averaging 60% possession at home games creating at least 3 CCC's per game at the moment.

    If your the underdog put strategy on control.
    Retain Possession
    Pass to feet
    Play out of defence
    Play through defence
    Work ball into box
    Look for overlap
    Hassle opponents

    BWM - Tackling , Stamina , Passing
    DLP - Passing , Technique
    Wingers - Fast , Technique , Dribbling
    Wing backs - Fast , Dribbling , Defending
    DF - Technique , Finishing , Positioning

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  2. wot pitch size did u use

  3. Could you please post more info. Screen Of the formation, the roles/players, the flow Of the game etc.
    Lets go for quality

  4. Crap position at the moment because I've just put this tactic in to use , first game beat West Brom away 4-1 with 6 CCC's , second game beat Chelsea at home 2-0 with 3 CCC's will upload screenshots as I progress.

  5. 4-3-3 CCC-433.jpg Thanks so much for this wonderful tactic. first game, and a fantastic result .. you will not regret it and try
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  6. btw this tactic works on low teams too. thanks for sharing

  7. No worries post screenies of your success

  8. i will

  9. 4-3-3 CCC-qweqweeqwwqe.jpg4-3-3 CCC-qwqweqwe.jpg
    media prediction 12.

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