Replicating Chelsea's 4-2-3-1 system

  1. Replicating Chelsea's 4-2-3-1 system

    Hi guys,

    As a massive Chelsea fan I'm hoping to implement a tactic based around the current tactic Di Matteo seems to have adopted. Just wondering if anyone can help me in terms of whether it'd be better suited to play two DM's or two CM's and whether I should play 3 CAM's or 1 CAM and two wingers.

    Also infront of the midfielders what sort of role should a striker play in Football Manager? It seems this season Torres is playing as something of a deep-lying forward (probably based on his poor form infront of goal).


  2. I played Torres as a CF (a) with 3 AMC's having Hazard and Mata as IF's with Oscar as a AMC 1 CM as bbm (s) with an anchor man behind them as a DM only played 10 games but won all of them except a city game, i would say tho use 2 tactics with one pushing the wide AMC's as wingers as some teams can just exploit the shit out of you otherwise by exploiting the flanks

  3. You can play with two CMs but you can play them as support and/or defensive. That way, for example Lampard, will be sitting outside and can go for long shots or occasional runs from deep into the box. Offensively you can try with one CAM and two wingers, having Hazard and Mata on the left and right, and giving them the option to roam and a good amount of creative freedom.
    I think I'd play Torres as advanced forward or simply a poacher - it all depends on the build-up play. If the offensive and central midfielders managed a lot of the work themselves, you can try to play him as a poacher and have him just pop up in space and score. But his off the ball, anticipation and composure ain't that good so I'd try him in a AF role.

  4. im trying to do this tactic now i am going to test it over a season if it works i will post it and also i am playing with mata as trq, hazard as AP attack and oscar as a inside forward

  5. I'm using this tactic now with my Manchester United save. Works absolutely beautifully with

    Neymar (Inside Forward) Mario Götze (Advanced Playmaker) Eden Hazard (Inside Forward)

    All AMC's. My three only buys in two seasons for United and they absolutely dominate!

  6. All of you coming with suggestions , anyone care to post a more in- depth opening post in here to get the discussion started.



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