chelsea formation idea

  1. chelsea formation idea

    Hello guys while waiting for my fm 2013 to arrive I have been plotting how to tactically approach this years game, anyway I would quite like to experiment with some sort of 3-4-3/ 3-6-1 formation with chelsea. The formation would be like this;
    Cech would be the traditional goalkeper although I would favour a sweeper keeper as I would like to play a high defensive line.
    Ivanovic, Luiz and Cahill would be the back three, I would like to use Luiz and Cahill as ball playing defenders as they are both decent passers of the ball particularly Luiz. I also think that Luiz would be more ideally suited to playing in a back three due to his wrecklessness at times and his love to bomb forward. I would also like to possibly play a sweeper which Ivanovic could possibly act as.
    Mikel would be the defensive midfield anchorman, with Ramires and Bertrand playing as either wingbacks or defensive wingers I feel Ramires could do well in either of those postions as he is very quick and has lots of stamina which is needed to bomb up and down the flank attacking and defending.
    I would then play Oscar at the tip of a wide midfield diamond with an advanced playmaker role with Hazard and Mata as inside forwards although I would like Mata and maybe Hazard to play a trequarista role but with Oscar playing centrally I don't know if this is possible or would work.
    Torres would then be the complete forward up top.
    Do you think this would or could possibly work? Or would it maybe work if it was tweaked? Advice more than welcome

  2. Hazard and Mata as IF's will definitely work, they were really good for me although you will get frustrated by Hazard as he will never score Oscar was a really good AM (a) for me, scored more goals than Torres. More on topic, the formation sounds like it could work, i would suggest wing backs tho as they seem great on this years version


    Post your thoughts in here

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