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Total Football 2-3-2-2-1
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  1. Total Football 2-3-2-2-1

    Am currently working on a new tactic which will be based on 5 zones.

    Zone 1- Sweeper Keeper
    The emphasis on the goalkeeper is to play with the ball at his feet and play far more short threaded passes to maintain possession.

    Zone 2 - Two technically gifted ball playing centre-halfs who will be confident and composed on the ball whilst under pressure.

    Zone 3 - The orchestra whilst being technically gifted he must have great composure to act as an escape route for the under pressure midfield and be able to play his way out of trouble as well as the ability to win the ball back when necessary.

    Zone 4 - T
    he wing backs will be expected to be prepared to work particularly hard up and down the wing ,both defensively and in more advanced positions.

    Zone 5 - Two Box to box midfielders will need to have flair , the ability to change the tempo of the game whenever necessary , they will always be expected to continuously find space to be open for the next pass.

    Zone 6 - The two inside forwards will need to be
    highly creative, technically gifted there job will be to link up with the forward to make the most of the possession and to penetrate the opposition

    Zone 7 - The complete forward is expected to be technically gifted whilst having a lethal first touch and finish as well as having a great reading of the game

    This tactic will be on trial soon and I will need 1-2 people to trial it for me I will also be testing it with Swansea , if your interested in trialing it please message me.
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  2. Is this inspired by Brendan Rogers zone system?

  3. Sounds like a Barca tactic!

  4. Yes am a Liverpool fan so I've been brainwashed with "tiki-taka"

  5. It's how I'd love my teams to play however I don't get enjoyment on FM on being the bigger teams, so playing like this is always going to be difficult for me!

  6. Not going to get carried away but it's going well I'll keep uploading screenshots
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  8. Just beat Liverpool 3-0 at Anfield! 52% possession in their favour but we forced them into fewer shots screenshots on there way

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