How to put man marking to a specficic postition?

  1. How to put man marking to a specficic postition?

    Using my 4-5-1 in Man City, with good results for a tactic that's only at 30 %.

    Im getting 55 to 65 ball possession, witch at the time seems to be good, and not conceding goals! Soon i will post it here!

    But i need some advice on one thing: My AMC (Aguero or Balotelli) is man marking the MDC or one of the MCs, but i have to give that instruction every game. How do i put him to man marking that position(s) without doing it every game?


  2. You are supposed to do it every game. In previous editions ├* bug made it possible to save both OIs and specific marking within the tactic but as soon as the opponent switched formation, things turn├ęs nasty as these instructions sometimes where applied towards the wrong player/position.

  3. OK, fair enough.

    One other thing: The right role for Falcao, Dzeko and Tevez could be complete forward? Im having decent play, but i feel that my DMC is more involved than my striker, witch comes outside the area too often to play ball.

  4. This is it, please check n let me know what u think
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by bigtea View Post
    This is it, please check n let me know what u think
    Got it

  6. set Defensive forward marking to DL

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