How to put man marking to a specficic postition?

  1. How to put man marking to a specficic postition?

    Using my 4-5-1 in Man City, with good results for a tactic that's only at 30 %.

    Im getting 55 to 65 ball possession, witch at the time seems to be good, and not conceding goals! Soon i will post it here!

    But i need some advice on one thing: My AMC (Aguero or Balotelli) is man marking the MDC or one of the MCs, but i have to give that instruction every game. How do i put him to man marking that position(s) without doing it every game?


  2. You are supposed to do it every game. In previous editions à bug made it possible to save both OIs and specific marking within the tactic but as soon as the opponent switched formation, things turnés nasty as these instructions sometimes where applied towards the wrong player/position.

  3. OK, fair enough.

    One other thing: The right role for Falcao, Dzeko and Tevez could be complete forward? Im having decent play, but i feel that my DMC is more involved than my striker, witch comes outside the area too often to play ball.

  4. This is it, please check n let me know what u think
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by bigtea View Post
    This is it, please check n let me know what u think
    Got it

  6. set Defensive forward marking to DL

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