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The big release! 2-3-2-2-1 Total football!
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  1. Full version however am going to wait until patches have been made on the bugs until I edit it further its a bit iffy atm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomfmlfc View Post
    Full version however am going to wait until patches have been made on the bugs until I edit it further its a bit iffy atm.
    As Raikan and I have pointed out, you dont need to wait till patch to strengthen it, the reason you concede from wide is because with Fluid you play a high line, on attacking that line is even higher, and with the players in the wing back position and with wing back attack duties your flanks are hugely exposed. In FM12 the AI simply wasnt smart enough to counter that, in this it will. You can very quickly counter a lot of this by moving them back to the full back position, but you will still have a very high line that you need to be aware of, basic tactical considerations. Be aware that any side with pacey wide strike runners and a DMC who is a playmaker, will pick you off on the counter fairly easily if given the chance. 4-2-3-1 deeps especially are a threat here.

  3. Tweaked it quite a bit so if any of you have some free time please test it and post your results regardless of if you win or not , thanks.

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  4. Going to give the newest tweeked version ago with Arsenal..

    Still use all the same shouts OI etc i assume?

    Will post some screenshots after about 6-7 games..

  5. Yeh same shouts etcetra buddy

  6. Good work on this - smashed a treble as LOSC Lille and even bagged the champs league in season 1

  7. Gave it a season run test on FMC with Swansea some good results but some bad ones

  8. First 5 games..Came back from 2-0 down against Villa..

    Ben Afra n Mata tore me apart when i played Chelsea.. but I've noticed any team who seem to have decent Playmakers cause problems with the through balls between CB - FB

    Haven't had any outstanding performances for individual players but the team seems to be gelling together nicely.

    Only transfers i made was selling Santos and bringing in Davide Santon as a replacement..
    And Bringing in Lean Britton as my Anchor Man

    The big release! 2-3-2-2-1 Total football!-qpr.jpgThe big release! 2-3-2-2-1 Total football!-rentboys.jpgThe big release! 2-3-2-2-1 Total football!-everton.jpgThe big release! 2-3-2-2-1 Total football!-villa.jpgThe big release! 2-3-2-2-1 Total football!-olympiakos.jpg
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  9. Tweaked version is probb the best tactic that I tried so far!

  10. What differences are there in the tweaked version? Used the original with Spurs (started using around Nov in the game) and had some good results but still some inconsistencies so wanted to see what tweaks you have made before downloading the new version

  11. Quote Originally Posted by tomfmlfc View Post

    I decided too try this formation out on FM12 a game with a flawless ME too see what we can expect from FM13 using this tactic once the ME is patched and flawless and the results we're mouth watering.

    hi tomfmlfc

    u using your tactic to fm2012, which tactic you using original in 1st page or tweak. if tweak got 2 version, one in page 11. which one you using?

  12. page 11 is the one I use now.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by tomfmlfc View Post
    page 11 is the one I use now.
    @tomfmlfc so u mean you using page 11 tweak for fm2012 game. cool i will use it.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by fm2008manu View Post
    @tomfmlfc so u mean you using page 11 tweak for fm2012 game. cool i will use it.
    Am using it on FM13 but I tested it on FM12 because FM13 ME is a bit bugged atm

  15. Hi, I've been using this tactic for my Arsenal team (following your instructions in PPM, opposition instructions, and shouts) and it's been going pretty well until recently, when I started to draw and lose easy games. Is it because the opposition knows the tactic too well or is it just a patch of poor form? Thanks

  16. This tactic has been a bit hit and miss for me. I am using the tweak tactic with Liverpool I am having the lions share of possession and shots etc but still struggling to beat teams help!!! I am using the recommended op instructions and I am still conceding at least one goal a game. My match preperation is full. Do I use all recommended shouts from the start or just as and when? I can see this tactic has a lot of promise its just not coming together for me oh and my striker does'nt seem to get many goals, any help or advice would be appreciated!!

  17. I'm having a great deal of success with this tactic (2nd season with Spurs) - a few points I'd love to make better though if anyone knows how.. the possession works a treat, it's actually a lot of fun to watch. The opposition usually has a lot of bodies in the box before I get a chance at goal (mostly from wide), so I earn a hell of a lot of corners, but I score from hardly any - I've not really messed with set piece stuff - just wondered if there was anything simple I could do to improve this? This tactic is also great for the inside forwards, they actually get most of my goals, though mine tend to play like out and out wingers - not my preference, just because of the available players - one thing I'd LOVE to do is put another ST into this, or at least a central AMC, but I'm not sure how much tinkering I could do without the tactic losing its edge, so has anyone tried this? adapted it for either? I think losing the DMC and then dropping the wingbacks back to defensive positions.. but something tells me this will defeat one of the main strengths of the tactic (fast wing backs with overlaps)

  18. great tactic having good success with it, was worried about conceding but have dominated possesion so much ardly given up a chance. Only question with inside forwards is it more effective to play opposite foot players, e.g left footer on right wing?

  19. Abosolutely love this tactic , I'm in my second season with Spurs and I'm top of the table . I think the trick is to get the best possible players for the formation . I sold Lennon Assou akotto Defoe brought in Ramierez from southhampton to play right inside forward , got Leighton Baines at left back for only 15 mill and got Danny welbeck to play upfront rotating with Adeboyor . The rest of the players were already perfect for the positions , bale kills on the left inside forward position , Kyle walker thrives after some training at right wing back and than there is a wealth of centre mid options the best of which is Sandro as anchor and Demble + Huddlestone playing box to box with Parker as cover . As far as corners go make sure both ur centre backs are going up for them and u have a great corner taker . Bale and Baines take mine and I get a lot of goals out of it . I think wat keeps this formation winning games for u is making sure u have decent cover for ur wing backs so they have plenty of rest to work hard in games . I got Eric abidal on a free and fabio from united to play in the easier games .

  20. Have started using this tactic with Spurs on FM2013 With great success. Ive found that it works brilliantly away from home but i have struggled to break down teams at home and a lot of 0 0 draws. Any suggestions? My team coming along nciely I have Bale and Suarez as inside forwards with Jovetic as complete forward. Defensive as Kaboul and Vertongen perfect ball players, with Walker and Rodriguez from wolfsberg as winbacks. My last piece is to find 2 box to box fielders. Who do you reccomend?

  21. got a link for the fm 12 version??

  22. how do I download it what programme do I open it with

  23. How should I use playmakers such as Eriksen in this tactic? BBM?

  24. Has anyone use this tactic recently? And could tell me if it still works

  25. Ive tested the original version in 1 friendly match on fm2013 as Bayern Munich. Its only pre-season 2019/20 and was trying to find a tactic to take advantage of the huge amount of excellent midfield options they have. Seems to work but havent ried it against a good side or the tweaked version

  26. Someone mentioned this tactic struggles against fast wingers. Found that to be accurate. Just make your defence sit a little deeper, did the trick for me when i was 2-0 down vs Koln. Finished 2-2 and shudve won in the end.
    Also, this tactic does totaly destroy weak teams.

  27. Quote Originally Posted by ElJefe View Post
    How should I use playmakers such as Eriksen in this tactic? BBM?
    Ive been using Toni Kroos as a BBM and he got 3 assists and a goal in 1 game for me

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