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The big release! 2-3-2-2-1 Total football!

  1. The big release! 2-3-2-2-1 Total football!

    want to play great attractive attacking football? then this is the tactic YOU want! First I'll give you a little bit of information on what am trying to achieve with this tactic -

    Zone 1- Sweeper Keeper - The emphasis on the goalkeeper is to play with the ball at his feet and play far more short threaded passes to maintain possession.

    Zone 2 - Two technically gifted ball playing centre-halfs who will be confident and composed on the ball whilst under pressure.

    Zone 3 - The orchestra whilst being technically gifted he must have great composure to act as an escape route for the under pressure midfield and be able to play his way out of trouble as well as the ability to win the ball back when necessary.

    Zone 4 - The wing backs will be expected to be prepared to work particularly hard up and down the wing ,both defensively and in more advanced positions.

    Zone 5 - Two Box to box midfielders will need to have flair , the ability to change the tempo of the game whenever necessary , they will always be expected to continuously find space to be open for the next pass.

    Zone 6 - The two inside forwards will need to be highly creative, technically gifted there job will be to link up with the forward to make the most of the possession and to penetrate the opposition

    Zone 7 - The complete forward is expected to be technically gifted whilst having a lethal first touch and finish as well as having a great reading of the game

    The formation

    Give PPM training to the forwards and the 2 BWMs and try and get them to play more one-twos

    Give every other outfield player "play simple passes" PPM

    Opposition instructions - CB and CM's (Close down , show onto weaker foot) - Wide players (Close down , weaker foot , hard tackling) - ST (weaker foot).

    Touchline shouts - Retain possession - Pass to feet - Play out from defence - Play through defence -Work ball into box - Look for overlap - Hassle opponents.

    I highly recommend putting it on control on hard AWAY games , try to stick with attacking apart from that and remember your team needs to familiarize themselves to the tactic.

    I will seriously appreciate it if you can post screenshots of results and match stats wether you win , lose or draw so I can see if anything is going wrong , thanks guys

    2-3-2-2-1 Total Football.tac
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  2. Tactics - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats

    Add your file here, you can see how many ppl downloaded it etc..

  3. Quote Originally Posted by 61lfc View Post
    Tactics - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats

    Add your file here, you can see how many ppl downloaded it etc..
    Thanks buddy , now get testing !

  4. A few adjustments and this might work perfectly with my current Tottenham squad. Gonna give this a try.
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  5. Post your results buddy so I can see if anything needs nerfing

  6. Only played 3 matches, but it looks really good, especially if you keep in mind that I bought Lars Bender this transfer window and he's not yet used to play central defender. Both him and M'Vila played a few very nice passes. Also, Jovetic seems to be perfect for this system, in his 18 months he never played that consistent throughout 3 matches.

    The big release! 2-3-2-2-1 Total football!-leruk.jpg
    The big release! 2-3-2-2-1 Total football!-sp8zw.jpg
    The big release! 2-3-2-2-1 Total football!-vtvs3.jpg
    The big release! 2-3-2-2-1 Total football!-pi48d.jpg
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  7. Some real impressive results there bud keep me updated , am currently nerfing it atm to try and make it more effective for away games as well.

  8. Is this similar to afc_dan's 2-3-2-2-1? (Dan's FM2013 Wing Backs Tactic (2-3-2-2-1)) or is it a different approach? I might give it a go.

  9. This tactic is purely possession based , you'll need a lot of pace on the wide areas , keep me updated on your results mate.

  10. Any updates on results guys? one am testing atm is creating alot more goals.

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