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Wolves 4-3-3 Wingers Drop back on D to form a 4-5-1
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  1. Wolves 4-3-3 Wingers Drop back on D to form a 4-5-1

    This is my first tactic and I haven't tried it with any of the bigger squads but so far I have beat Fiorentina in a friendly, and Newcastle 3-2 in the Capitol One cup this season, I would Love it if some other people would download this tactic and give it a try. Its a slow tempo possession tactic that has been getting me 2-4 CCC's every game. Also this is my first season with Wolves, and I've brough in a TON of under 21 aged players to try and build a future great team!

    So far 42 goals scored and only 13 conceded in all competitions. 3 of those conceded were my first friendly and the first time i had used my tactic.

    20-3-2 record so far in all competitions. Friendlies included.

    Please Give it a shot and let me know if I have finally made a Tactic worth playing :-D
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Wolves 4-3-3 Wingers Drop back on D to form a 4-5-1-wolverhampton-wanderers_-matches-schedule-2.png   Wolves 4-3-3 Wingers Drop back on D to form a 4-5-1-wolverhampton-wanderers_-tactics-overview.png  
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  2. Giving it a go with Napoli, let you know.

  3. Sweet thx m8! Give it a couple months to get the tactic down!

  4. OI?
    Match prep?
    Players roles?
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  5. do the wingers drop back during the match?

    the downloaded tactic looks different than the one in the pic.
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  6. I love tactics like this.

  7. Its not the same tactic?

  8. ..... looks familiar
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by ThePav View Post
    ..... looks familiar
    Its what i was going to say Pav
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  10. Ya pav i downloaded yours to give it a go, but i created mine awhile ago lol, its a classic tactic. Both wingers are set to drop back but then get forward when you have the ball, need some creativity decent stamina and dribbling on the wings, the striker will sit on the front line like a poacher but will also drop back to get the ball every now and then and distribute to the wings or back to the midfielders, the Defensive mid is a deep lying playmaker that will always stay and the back of the midfield 3 to give them an option to pass to. The fullbacks will run up every now and then but will mostly stay back for extra defence since this ME seems to favor fast strikers and wingers that can just run past everyone once they get the ball on their half lol

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