Classic Attack [Testers Wanted]

  1. Classic Attack [Testers Wanted]

    As the title suggests i would like u guys to test out my new tactic.
    I have been using the tactic with Rangers, and have some really nice football being played
    (well aware that its a easy league.)
    Hence why I would like u guys to test it with small and big teams.
    Had a quick test with Chelsea and were unbeaten in 8 games.

    League Table

    Classic Attack [Testers Wanted]-rangers-league.png

    The tactic is producing some very nice football between the midfield and the wide strikers.
    The wide strikers will score alot of goals, especially if they have cut inside ppm.

    The Tactic

    Classic Attack [Testers Wanted]-rangers-tactic.png

    Should get good possession and 2-4 CCC's.


    -Classic tactic so no shouts!

    -This is a plug and play however if you have tweaked and improved it please let me know.

    -Left footer on the right corner, right on the left.

    -Wide strikers switch wings.

    -That said though put a right footed player on the left and vice versa.

    -STC needs pace, he isnt an out and out poacher but it hepls!

    -General Training Team Cohesion + Match Training Att Movement.

    -Pitch size normal.

    -No OI on the original tactic.

    -The second version has OI set for AML + AMR also has wide strikers specific marking on DR + DL.

    Use that away from home or against big teams!!

    Fixture List

    Classic Attack [Testers Wanted]-rangers-fixtures.png

    Feed back would help loads
    Thank you

    Home - Classic Attack.tac

    Away - Classic Attack [Marking].tac

    (Just waiting for approval for the FM-Base download.)
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  2. I'll test this out PM me with it, i'll try and do a season with it tonight.

  3. Cool will do. Who u gunna use?

  4. I'll be happy to test it too. Still not many great tactics out there, and never was a real fan of creating one myself. So PM it to me, or just upload an external link and I'll get on it!

  5. I'd be happy to test it out, I've currently got about 5 saves going so can test it with several different teams at different levels. If you can PM me a link to the tactic that would be great.


  6. there u go guys. any questions please ask.


  7. Im happy to give it a bash in Champs, Probably try Forest.

  8. Keep me updated dude. Cheers.

  9. Not such a good start then. Where do u feel u are getting let down with the tactic?

  10. See if u can get Robbie Findley he was awesome for me. Did holiday these results or or actually manage them?

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