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4-1-3-2 Zeman/Guardiola by Tuckermax (plug and play)
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  1. 4-1-3-2 Zeman/Guardiola by Tuckermax (plug and play)

    Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2

    cheers, and good game
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  2. hey guys im trying to upload a fixed version with free kicks and especially the "offside tactic" in, which i realized is not in this save (i saved the tactic before some tweaking).

    If i will not upload the final one, just tick yes at the offside tactic

  3. Edit: this is not the right update, scroll down for the right one: "4132 tito final edit.tac"

    Cheers and good game!!!
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  4. Can you post results? what team are you playing with?

  5. I started out with Juve Stabia in italian serie B and arrived second, so reaching promotion to serie A.

    I will continue with Juve stabia but for now im just relaxing and i started a save with As Roma which has a decent side with some good players. Now im absolutely first i lost no game and i tied just away with juventus and unexpectedly away with Pescara.

    I am pretty confident i will winn italian Serie A. (January and plus 12 from napoli and juventus!!)

  6. Final tactic

    All fixed. Cheers and good game!
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  7. Added some new

    Here is another version of the tactic, with the IF instead of striker. (tito final edit1)

    Than there is a very different away version: defense line is much lower, no offside trap, and the if instead of striker. Style of play is "standard" istead of "offensive". (tito away1)

    and the "classic" home extremely offensive style (final edit)
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  8. screenshots ?

  9. pitch size?
    assistant oi's?

  10. this is the first good tactic,i've seen for this year's is simple and effective and get the results you need.well done to you sir

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