Help me improve

  1. Help me improve

    Currently I am playing a 4-3-3 formation with my Arsenal side. Overall I have been doing pretty well however, season expectations are to challenge for the title and I am sitting 3rd 16 points behind first place in February. For this reason I am looking for some suggestions to help improve my tactics and my teams performance


    The above picture shows my strongest 11 and all of my tactics settings which at the moment are mainly set to default as I am not really sure what to change with them.

    The problem I face at the moment is I can generally score a decent amount of goals however, I do concede a lot too and I seem to draw quite a few games. A lot of the goals I concede come from one of the wide men cutting in and running into the box and scoring themselves or putting the ball across the goal for a tap in.

    Thank you
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  2. That seems to be a recurring thing. 98% of the goals I concede are the same kind of thing. Must be one of the flaws in the ME.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Micky979 View Post
    That seems to be a recurring thing. 98% of the goals I concede are the same kind of thing. Must be one of the flaws in the ME.
    Could be possible.

  4. I would suggest what I do for a team like that:

    Change the strategy to control and then see how it goes. From that point gradually tweak the sliders to adjust your tactics to improve the tactic bit by bit. Then the next step would be to adjust the players individual sliders to get the whole thing just right.

    If that's too much effort just keep calm and carry on!

  5. SWEEEEEEEEPER KEEEEEEEEPER. Just kidding. Try and just set the defensive midfielder to Man marking. Or set one of you Cm's at a BWM and the other an a AP.

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