4-4-2 Back to basics

  1. 4-4-2 Back to basics

    Hi this is my own 4-4-2 tactic I made for Genoa CFC....

    My first season was great did not know if the league was mine or not until last game.....

    This tactic worked for me and got me the league title and cups even with a below standard team and no cash to spend....

    Pitch should be standard don't think it will matter....

    I don't use and never have used a shout with this tactic....

    I let my assistant run match training and I make sure my reserves and youth team play same tactic....

    I also play this tactic home and away but I like to change to defensive when winning by one goal and only have 10mins to go....

    This tactic is not perfect by any means so i would love feed back and thing to change to make this tactic better.....
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  2. Could you please put up some information about the tactic.

  3. I will edit when I get home to pc put more info for you

  4. I'm still waiting for more info

  5. Should be a great tactic if you won the league with Genoa, please put some more info on here as I would like to try this

  6. Quote Originally Posted by McBainy View Post
    I will edit when I get home to pc put more info for you

  7. Guys I have lost all my data from the save had to re download just to get tactic back

    What more do you need to know?

  8. 1. Screenshot with the current formation and roles;
    2. Screenshot with your the squad you've used plus a few things about the type of players you recommend for this to work;
    3. Any individual instructions used;
    4. Some post-games tactical analysis;
    5. Any other comments you'd like to add.


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