Best Tactics To Stop Opposition Scoring?!

  1. Best Tactics To Stop Opposition Scoring?!

    In every game I play the opposition always just run through my defence and my defenders just stand there and watch them go straight through the line of defence without doing a single thing... Also my left and right back just watch the wingers run with the ball without putting a tackle in??

    Anybody know any good tactics to stop this from happening??

  2. how can anyone help, if you dont say how you play till now

  3. Defensive ones!

  4. I dont think zonal marking works as it supposed to, so try using man marking instead. Worked for me. Still leaking goals, but a lot less than before.

  5. 10-0-0

    Might work

  6. If your defenders do not react you might have to change the level on which they close down. (own area, own half, whole pitch)

  7. i conceded 3 in 10 games with my own tactics but i think opposition instructions play a bigger part this year and this is how i set them up based on contering the oppositions weak attributes
    players with low bravery- hard tackling
    players with low composure- closing down
    players with low off the ball. tight marking
    players who only use one foot , show onto weaker
    wingers and Fb show onto opposite foot

  8. I agree with paetoja. I do almost exactly the same and works pretty good. Only difference is that if the opposite strikers are not good at heading and jumping i show on the strong foot of opposite full backs and wide players.

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