Best way to develop your players

  1. Best way to develop your players

    I was wondering what way you guys train your players.

    I currently run all trainings with the focus balanced and the intensity average. The scheduling (more/less match training) 3/5 ticks to the right. On top of that I have everyone on a positional individual training schedule that fitts them well. This workload is on heavy. I actually do not change this during the season. This does get great results with most of the players. One in particular (christian Eriksen) does not seem to improve that much. I have him on a heavy advanced playmaker schedule but still some stats like technique, decision, anticipation, etc seem to have declined.

    So what way do you train your squad/individual players? And what way can I improve Eriksen's schedule?


  2. you need the right coaches and you need to set the coaches to the right assignments

  3. If your training is working well for almost everyone but Eriksen, it's probably not his schedule that's the problem. It's more likely his personality - he may have average or poor professionalism, which is the attribute that determines how hard a player works in training.

    If possible, get someone to tutor him. You'd want someone who has higher determination than him, and a personality description like professional or resolute that indicates high professionalism.

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