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Solid & Spectacular Zeman's 4-3-3
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  1. Solid & Spectacular Zeman's 4-3-3

    I edited the tactic with alaba to this one:

    Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2

    cheers, and good game!
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  2. The only tweak you may want to do is changin tackling to midfielders from "hard" to "normal". I am having quite a lot of problems with cards in the midfield, so i think you might want to change that, at least for the central one

  3. what do you shout to your players PREGAME?

  4. I only shout them to hassle pressing. Not before the game but as soon as it starts and through all the 90 min.

    What team are you playing? if youre not playing with a really strong side, use the middle team tactic.
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  5. im testing your old one first. gonna try one later ;>

  6. The middle team suits better teams that are not really very strong.

    The top one is for teams who fight for qualifying in ECL.

    You choose!
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  7. PS: Roysthon drenthe, that you can sign for free at the start of the game, is PERFECT for this tactic. he is unbelievable!

    In the right, a great player for that position is Cuadrado. Only problem hes on loan....

  8. Going to test the Top Tactic with Man U, will post results after a few league games.

    Love your other tactic btw
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  9. Thanks!

    I just made a minor update, to set pieces and the positioning of the wingers. Download the tactic again! and with manchester united, definitely use the TOP team tactic!

  10. Awesome tactic!!! Best I've tried so far! Won 6 games out of 6 with my atletico!

    well done!

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