Hi Guys

Im in a need a little bit of help with tactics/training, but before I get into it ill give u some background

Ive played FM ever since the first CM came out 20 yrs ago. Over the FM series ive done pretty well but mostly used other people downloaded tactics. Once in a while I get a decent tactic to work that ive made myself.

This year in struggling, I really want to create my own tactic but everything I try seems to work for a while or not work at all. Ive done everything, gone "back to basics" made everything default and played a flat 442, to tweaking everyone roles and player instructions and playing fancy tactics. I just cant seem to get anything to work. My wingers dont want to cross and all my MF does it pass it side to side. My defenders always get caught and it doesnt seem to help if i lower or increase the defensive line.

Can anyone help with just some general tips? Also ive seem people talking about scouting the oppostion. What kind of things am i looking for and how can i counter certain formations, etc? Some help on tactics and training would be great. I always like to start with a lower ranked team either Lge 2 or Blue Square leagues

Many Thanks

Steve R