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    Hi everybody,

    I was wondering if anybody has a possesion tactic that works on FM2013 because i have tried the majority of FM2012 possesion tactics and none of them seem to be having any real affect like they did on FM2012.

    Most of the tactics i have tried just pass the ball from left to right to left to right to the keeper then it starts again which leads to stupid passing totals with 0 key passes and very rarely is the oppositions box penetrated with that killer through ball that Barcelona/Spain always seem to find.

    I would be very great full for the help

  2. SI have fixed the disadvantage of playing a back 3 with the updates to the engine, its a fun formation to try and usually leads to about 60% possession in my cardiff save without the problems of to many long shots you get with most possession tactics

  3. Thanks for the advice mate will try one with a 3CB defence How have you found possesion tactics so far? It seems like the players rack up stupid amounts of passes such as 200 passes with my RWB lol

  4. Updates to the engine? - There havent been an Update to the engine yet have there?

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