team talk, best or worst tactic...

  1. team talk, best or worst tactic...

    i need advice on team talks... no matter what tactic i play, good or bad ones... all reduces to this issue... for me sometimes is a kind of test or error...

    if you say the right, then your team is sharp, score, dont concede

    but if dont, then you have 11 dumb asses on field and no matter the tactic or the shouts, they ll do whatever is possible for losing, even though someone dares to play well and scores two, the keeper will ensure that concede 3 and lose the match

    i made a tactic, beat losc away 2-1. man utd 1-0 away too

    then i drew vs nantes 2-2 after a comeback, and the tactics were the same both halves, but first half my team was Blunders FC, and second a good copy of Real Madrid.

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    it makes sense to me to be honest. (In real life) the success of a tactic relies on the 11 you have on the field being int he right state of mind to carry out your tactical vision. If you send them out there confused about what you want them to do, they will never carry out your vision. Team talks are extremely important.

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