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Corner tactic?
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  1. Corner tactic?

    Has anyone found a decent corner tactic yet? I'm playing in my second season with Southampton and we're third in the EPL with a tactic I created, but unfortunately we're never going to win it unless I find a corner tactic that can actually score.

    In both of my seasons (20 games into this one) we have never scored one corner. I find this to be ridiculous. I'm not saying it should be possible to score near post headers as consistently as last year, but still... I'm pretty sure it's impossible to score a corner at all now unless you're the AI.

    Any advice?

  2. i have scored 2 near post headers in BSP in my first 20 games.

  3. i score about 3 goals from corners if im lucky.

  4. the sooner the corner exploit tactic is out of the game the better.. its soooo unrealistic. i hate playing a game knowin you have rigged it as you know any corner youll get youll score. how unrealistic is it eing your CB with like 20 goala a season, just from corners.
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  5. I think he means a good set piece where there are higher chances to score from corners than just giving the ball away for a counter attack or having the ball bounce out to the side.

  6. I'm not asking for the corner exploit. I'm asking for the ability to actually have 1 of my players connect with a header, or have a volley.

    At the moment I'm having neither. I take a corner, it flies into the box, it flies back out. That's all that happens.

    Fair enough if they're able to defend some set-pieces, I don't care. But it's really ruining my teams ability to win games against better opposition if I have no method of scoring from corners. All that happens now is that I lose possession, and get countered repeatedly. It's stupid. There must be a method to get a player to head the ball, or get some kind contact..

  7. I just finished a game against Manchester City that ended 3-2 in their favour. They had 2 corners, they scored both. I had 12 corners, I gave possession away on all, and didn't connect to any of them.

    I don't know about anyone else but I consider that extremely stupid. Teams like Stoke, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal (recently) have the ability to work on extremely good corner strategies in real life, and manage a goal from one about every 3 games or so. Why is it apparently impossible for me to do the same in this game? I have literally tried EVERYTHING to get a touch of the ball on a corner -.-

    edit: & just so we're clear, I'm not playing with really small players. I've attempted to aim at Romagnoli (6'4 1.93m), Altidore (6'1 1.85m) and Fonte (6'2 1.88m) to name a few of my taller players. I'm pretty sure they're going to be able to connect to a header that's aimed directly at their heads.
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  8. Hi GahRii. I have a corner tactic that works good with my QPR side. Not sure about the exact number I scored last season, but it was quite a few and I have 2 in 4 games so far in the league. Note that I dont play with English language, so some of the expressions might be different.

    Aim: Penalty area (from both sides)

    Best header: Attack near post (thats where many of the corners end up)
    Second best header: Near post flick on
    Third best header: Stand on far post
    Also have a player challenging the GK
    Best long shots: Lurk outside are

    Try it out and let me know how it goes
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  9. Okay, I'll try it out.

    Thanks for the tip, hopefully I get some results with it xD

  10. my team can't even score a header from a corner or freekick

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