Making the winning Arsenal team.

  1. Making the winning Arsenal team.

    In 3 days time i am hosting a Football Manager league with a bunch of my mates. some of us have pre-chosen the teams we are playing already. I have chosen my favorite club: Arsenal FC.
    The only other person to name their club chose Chelsea.

    The problem is, i'm Terrible at starting off. I can never win my first few games and always end up coming 5-6th in the league. I decided to restart the season. its currently 2012-13.

    I need a little advice on what formation/tactics to use as i'm unsure and un-experienced.

    Currently I am using this team and I have 34m budget to spend on players.

    Assuming and baring in mind that i'm probably not going to get many players at all from my friend at Chelsea i need you guys to help me out with these questions i have:

    Who shall i sign with £34m?
    What formation should i play?
    What striker should i play and what role shall i play him?
    Can someone help with get the team instructions sorted.
    Why does no-one on the team make any attacking runs?

    I will really appreciate some help as I have failed to beat Crystal palace in pre-season every time.


  2. I've just finished my first season with Arsenal and came 2nd in the league 1 point behind Man Utd. The tactic you have chosen should be working fine, but should also try out a 4-1-2-2-1 with a DM and 2 Wings/IFs.

    In your current tactic, try changing the roles of the players in your current tactic. I would have chosen Ramsey as an Advanced Playmaker with support and Diaby as BWM either defendig or supporting. Set Cazorla to Attacking (or Attacking playmaker) and change Giroud to a Target Man. He scored about 30 goals for me in that role. Theo Walcott should be your first choice on the Right Attacking position and use the Ox as backup for both the Left and Right position. I used both my AML and AMR as IFs Attack.

    Cazorla had a terrible season for me and i chose to put him on the bench for the most of the time. Wilshere, Ramsey and Arteta formed my trio on the middle, but this may vary in each game!

    The main focus on transfer should be a DM/BWM with good defending skills since Song has moved to Barca. Coquelin is also worth giving a shot in both of these positions. Consider M'vila or maybe Arturo Vidal for an even better 1st choice I would also consider to get rid of Santos on the left back and get a replacement. Neil Taylor from Swansea had a good first season for me and is fairly cheap (23 years old). If you want more backup for the striker position instead of Chamakh (who is kinda 50/50) consider Ademilson or Wellington Nem for cheap young alternatives.

    For tactics, you should experiment a little. Go more attacking at home and approach the difficult away games with counter attacking. Press More, Roam More, Express More and go Fluid/Balanced/Rigid.

    Hopes this well help you to start off!
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  3. Arteta is capable of being BWM, or if you want cheaper than M'Vila, go for Nainggolan. i bought him for around 12m pound. set Cazorla as AP attack. he scored a lots of goal for me from distance. Gibbs is better for LB but you should buy a backup since he's injury prone. Giroud play him either TM or CF since he has a good finishing and positioning. put Walcott specific training as crossing. you could get lots of benefit from that.

  4. what I did was sign Demba Ba for 7 million, on his release clause, he's better than Giroud.
    Also get in Fellaini for about £22 million, he's an amazing ball winning midfielder and classed as the best midfieder in the team when you sign him.
    Sell Santos (£7 million), Arshavin (£8 million), and Chamakh (7.5 million) also try sell squillachi, djourou possibly and others like rosicky and some central midfielders, possibly Diaby.
    Try bring in Baines or another left back and you'll be set!

  5. its a shame u friend picking chelsea otherwise u culda sold walcott to chelsea for 33m straight cash

    definetly try buy arturo vidal praise him declare interest etc u can buy him for around 32m do monthly installments
    players i suggest are

    alaba - 16.75m
    gotze 28m
    okore 1.3m
    m'vila 20m
    cavani for around 30m if u talk to press and gethim unhappy and transfer listed
    wellington nem be good backup IF for only 3.5m

    players i usualy sell are
    chamakh 8m to lile
    miguel= 500k
    watt = 500k
    walcott= 33m chelsea
    mertasacker= 14m ( make sure newcastle sells cabaye first they usualy sell him for around 17m to psg after hes sold offer mertasacker for around 14m)
    arteta = 17m
    arshavin= 7m to juventus
    gervinho= 14m to porto
    santos= tricky sometimes psg comes after him then sell but sometimes psg goes and buys evra

    these are the players i sell for these prices doesnt mean u should sell them.. just giving u roughly idea who u can sell for around how much up to u to sell any player that doesnt suit you.
    but i highly recommend arturo vidal hes the best BWM fm13 imo.
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  6. why not if you find new anchor man replacing alex song, really works with me using this formation...instead anchor man support CD and sometime will pass through to the striker...

  7. I am using The Arsenal in my first save too, and just over a month in, with a lot of tweaking to the main tactic, I am top of the league.

    Below is my First Team Squad, Results so far, the Table and of course the tactic itself! (For the Man United match I used another tactic, sitting back a bit more and counter-attacking; and for the Malaga match I tried a slightly different tactic, and alot of my team were injured/needed reseting (And Gibbs got sent off after 10 mins!)

    Making the winning Arsenal team.-2012-11-18_00003.jpgMaking the winning Arsenal team.-2012-11-18_00004.jpgMaking the winning Arsenal team.-2012-11-18_00005.jpgMaking the winning Arsenal team.-2012-11-18_00009.jpgMaking the winning Arsenal team.-2012-11-18_00010.jpg

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