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Engine Exploiter: Unbeatable 4-1-1-3-1
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  2. David Alaba and Sebastien Corchia are two players with a lot of potential that can play as wingbacks.

  3. thanks ! will try to sign them

  4. looks awesome! can you post screenshots of your other results?

  5. this is how far i played until now, now i got to work so i'll have little time to play.

    As you can see, i got these results with a team that isn't super, but Lamela is unbelievable!

  6. WOW! GREAT!

    I changed to this tactic with my atletico since my old tactic was not doin "it" anymore and falcao really sucked! now we are ON FIRE!! again! Thanks m8, will post results later (played 3 games, 4-0 away with valencia)...

  7. working for anyone else? i'm still at work can only try it out later, but anxious to find out if these results are consistent with other teams/players, coz if they are, a few new position training for my wingers might do wonders for my newly promoted wolves squad!

  8. to me its making wonders, but i must say i would like some others testers too.

    It should give you results from the very first fixtures, so if you have a chance to try them let me know.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by RobadeStorici View Post
    This tactic works for any team, underdog to top one.
    -3 AM: at least one of them (the center one), needs to be pure class. He must be an outstanding player. The central AM is the player that will make the difference
    How is it possible for it to work for any team when you need an outstanding player as AM? I mean, the smaller clubs usually don't have any outstanding players at all. Just sayin'

    Anyhow, gonna try it out right now

  10. If you play with an underdog, change from "control" to counter and you'll still have great results.

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