Met's Small Team Tactic

  1. Met's Small Team Tactic

    First of all didn't try the tactic with bigger clubs so don't know how they will react just used San Marino and Fenerbahçe.
    Secondly you must try this tactics for at least 20 matches to get some feedback so be patient.
    For the last just don't go holiday I still don't know why but it doesn't seem to work for mine and not sure about other tactics.

    Now the tactic.

    Met's Small Team Tactic-2012-11-12_00001.jpg
    I know this completely looks like an another tactic from fm2011 and i got the idea from him but this is completely different from it. Its just the formation.

    Match Preparations

    For the first 10 matches team blend for general training and tactics for match prep. With a higher workload. After 10 matches your team will get the tactic and than just go for attacking in both for training and match prep. And dont worry about the bad results because its just too early to go.

    Match Instructions

    I dont use any shouts but before every match i force the wingers and fullbacks force to use weaker food. Make an aggressive talking everytime starting a match and again if you are not winning in halftime.


    As you are in low teams you dont have much players to choose from but try to get faster players on offence and if you have a DM or a MC making too many long shots train him for not shooting from long and not kicking the ball hardly.

    And of course some results.
    Forgot to take screenshots in first year and using fm not in English so sorry for those.

    Met's Small Team Tactic-2012-11-12_00009.jpgMet's Small Team Tactic-2012-11-12_00011.jpgMet's Small Team Tactic-2012-11-12_00012.jpgMet's Small Team Tactic-2012-11-12_00013.jpgMet's Small Team Tactic-2012-11-12_00014.jpg

    Sorry for my bad English. Report good or bad any feedbacks. Thank you.

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