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Matox Monegasque... a solid 4-4-1-1
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  1. Matox Monegasque... a solid 4-4-1-1

    i will upload my very first tactic, im asking to be tested to anyone who will and post his results, just to see if a really finally made a consistent tactic

    for me got very good results indeed, better than anything i tried... results such a 5-0 at stanford bridge, a 3-0 at white hart lane, and recently a 4-0 home win against juventus FC, without replaying games and nothing like that

    im almost undefeated at ligue 1, and in Coupe de France Final...

    now, ill explain the tactic. it main focus its to maintain the own goal at zero, the other things comes alone if you get the right players upfront... i wont explain the attributes you need for each position, cuz there are lots of people here than know about that far better than who writes...

    im playing a 4-4-1-1, with the AM playing either as this or a trequartista, striker as poacher.

    the formation:

    Ademilson (P)

    Kagawa (AM/T)

    Estigarribia (WM Att) Pjanic (APAtt) M Vila (DLP Def) Ocampos (WM att)

    Clyne (FB Supp) Dede (CB D) Kirchhoff (CB D) Corchia (FB supp)

    Viviano (GK)

    i issued closing down instructions and mentality to almost all players to start battling for ball in the own half, making a short, tight team difficult to break up and make ccc's. sometimes opponents just cross ball and shoot from their houses... and almost all times it leads for some flying saves from viviano

    at attack, if the guys upfront have a good day, then game is won.

    there are some screenshots and tactic itself...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Matox Monegasque... a solid 4-4-1-1-monaco-fc_-tactics-overview.png   Matox Monegasque... a solid 4-4-1-1-monaco-fc_-fixtures-schedule.png  
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  2. Matox Monegasque... a solid 4-4-1-1-european-champions-cup_-matches-fixtures-results.pngFC Barcelona 2
    AS Monaco 3

    im just Champions of Europe!!!!!!!!
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  3. I see you have Ocampus at left midfield, is he any good?? or is he better in his natural position, striker.

  4. OI/Match prep?

  5. Is your DLP very defensively focussed? Otherwise it looks like there is no defensive cover in the middle as you have two creative players (AP & DLP). Reason I ask is I am Aston Villa and every time I try a more attacking focussed formation I concede lots of goals so I tend to play a contain strategy and concede less but dont play 'attractive' football and only have 5 shots on goal all game.

    I want to find a tactic that is solid at the back but allows for creative football moving forward, is this tactic solid at the back? Also any opposition instructions and shouts used?

  6. What year you in mate because i see you have assembled some expensive players there? Not accusing you of cheating or anything

  7. Quote Originally Posted by slug machine View Post
    What year you in mate because i see you have assembled some expensive players there? Not accusing you of cheating or anything
    2016, it says along the top bar slug machine

  8. answers: lets go by parts... said jack

    Ocampos: im agree, he is better upper in the field, but at ML he is doing good, and my first aim is no not concede

    The DLP: he is very defensive focused, the AP also is not so attacking (thats why i put it there)

    about my players... i managed to do a couple of big signings a year (thanks for the russian at charge, plus a bunch of free transfers, i just sneak in market at december, and sign every player that is fairly good, for cover or future profit)

    OIs: i leave them to the assistant, i am lazy for doing that, i dont know all players, and my assistant got good tactical knowledge and motivation

    i took the suggestion about the Right centre mid, and switched to a Ball winning with some creative freedom (not much, just some... i think that should add some more possesion to the team, and more fighting to get the ball back... M'Vila is just ideal for that dirty jobs...

    played one game, against Rennes away, won 4-1... and the opponents goal was just a free kick taken like Beckham at his best days, so, im satisfied with the performance

    Shouts: when i play, my family sleeps so shouting is not an option... being serious, i rarely use them, maybe when im leading, i ask to retain possesion at last minutes, just to waste time, some Falcioni and Dr. Bilardo style...

    Match Prep: either leave to assistant, or focus on defending set pieces

    Im on the next season, first fixtures, still undefeated, although lost champions trophy after a 0-0 draw against psg on penalties (i deserved win, bad luck) won European Super Cup. played a few games on league and the first in UCL (a 1-0 win away at Russia, vs CSKA Mockva
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by slug machine View Post
    What year you in mate because i see you have assembled some expensive players there? Not accusing you of cheating or anything

    im at 2016... and now at next season i managed to get Gareth Bale, Ter Stegen and Nani... how??? simple

    the russian just pumps money in, and gave me a 30M budget... i bought Bale on 10M plus 60, being paid in monthly installments, like i did with every big buy

    Ter Stegen was on sale, unhappy at bayern, so was Nani

    i sold Estigarribia to Milan on 15M, Cash and a bunch of unnecesary players totalling about 15M more... so i had 60M spend, plus budget adjustments. and when you do monthly installments that 60M becomes 15 in each season, so Bale costs me 25, ter stegen 20 and Nani 14. that are the 60 million.

    i use Euro as currency, not very familiarized with the pound, although im having one 5 pound bill in my wallet for luck.
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  10. sorry for my English, but isnt a very common language at Buenos Aires...

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