Problem/Help with Player Training Focus Area

  1. Problem/Help with Player Training Focus Area


    Hi I am experiencing problems with setting the individual player training focus Area. It is not allowing me to set a different traning focus for each player. If I change the focus on one players training screen, it sets the same focus for all the players irrespective of their roles. I want defenders to focus on defending and wingers on ball control and strikers on attack etc but it just changes the same focus for everyone.

    If you are not sure what I am talking about then hopefully this screenshot will help.

    In the first screen shot I changed the for Celso Borges to "Attack" but it has set all the players Training focus to attack like you can see in the second screenshot.

    Does anyone know what the problem is or is there something I don't understand????.

    Problem/Help with Player Training Focus Area-celso-borges_-training-overview.pngProblem/Help with Player Training Focus Area-guillermo-burdisso_-training-overview.png
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