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Triangles Tactic (41221) for those who are struggling.
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  1. Triangles Tactic (41221) for those who are struggling.

    After getting my teams backside whooped by AI during testing I have managed to almost perfect this great tactic.

    Its working out very well for me, not only scoring in every match but creating Clear cut chances too. Although possession depends on who I am playing but at home it is almost always over 50%. Away it never goes below 45%. I do concede goals every now and then but that's because I believe its a very attacking tactics.

    I have managed to beat Tottenham, Man Utd and other big teams and my promoted Bolton team is currently sitting at no 2 in the table albeit 13 points behind City but I have played 2 matches less then them because of my involvement in Europa Cup.

    Brilliant thing about this tactic is that I dont change anything whether I am playing at home or away. I am not saying its a perfect tactic for everyone but try it and if you manage to improve it then do let me know. Also what I love about this tactic is that its got variety of roles in it. CBs, FBs, Inside Forward, Box2Box MidFielder, Deep Lying Playmaker, Wide Midfielder, Trequartista and a Poacher

    Only shout I use is "Play out of Defence"

    Here are the screenshots of my recent results and the tactics itself

    Triangles Tactic (41221) for those who are struggling.-bolton-wanderers_-tactics-team.pngTriangles Tactic (41221) for those who are struggling.-english-premier-division_-overview-profile.pngTriangles Tactic (41221) for those who are struggling.-bolton-wanderers_-fixtures-schedule.png

    The tactics

    Triangles Tactics.tac

    Hope the tactics work the same way for you too.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Triangles Tactic (41221) for those who are struggling.-bolton-wanderers_-tactics-overview.png  
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  2. looks good mate! i got wolves promoted with exactly the same formation, played some exceptional football! although it didnt continue on against stronger opposition in the top flight so i've been changing tactics and looking for balance and consistency ever since. failing miserably though! looking at this, maybe i should have simply tweaked my tactic to play in the PL, coz until now its the only tactic that ever really worked for me. never really thought of going back to it until now (feeling like a dumbass lol). i'll give this a shout when i get home from work and let u know how i do. but im very interested in seeing how this does and comparing it to my old tactic. if u have more recent results, i'd love to see them too! cheers

  3. Trying this out right now. Will keep you posted with how it goes.

    First few matches looking good though.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Madmurdock View Post
    Trying this out right now. Will keep you posted with how it goes.

    First few matches looking good though.
    post some results as soon as you can! i'm stuck at work playing FM in my head and want to know if this tactic works

  5. I'm playing as Everton in my second season at the moment.

    Results BEFORE I started this tact:

    0-0 Vs Tottenham
    0-1 Vs Sunderland
    0-1 Vs Fulham
    0-0 Vs Elfsborg (EC)
    0-1 Vs Wolves

    Results AFTER this tact's implementation:

    6-2 Vs Reading
    3-1 Vs Partizan (EC)
    3-2 Vs Leicester (LC)
    1-0 Vs West Ham
    1-2 Vs Partizan (EC)

    Things I've noticed:

    You need a good striker with this tactic, otherwise you will struggle to score. The OP is correct, you will definitely concede goals. Of the five games I've played so far I went behind in three of them so a team with high determination would be an advantage.

    This tactic has got the best out of Ross Barkley though. I have him in the AMC role and he is absolutely dominating grabbing goals and assists at will which is brilliant as before he just wasn't performing well.

    I'll keep trying this tactic and will update. I have the merseyside derby next. That'll be a good test.

    EDIT: A good AMC/AMR will do as well if you don't have an outstanding striker but have great Attacking Mids.
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  6. just started using this after being on a big losing streak with southampton, so far im 2-1 with it will keep going for now

  7. Played 18 matches now altogether:

    12 Wins 3 Draws 3 Loses (1 on Penalties)

    Wins include a victory over Chelsea. 2 of the draws were against Liverpool and Arsenal. The penalty loss was to Man City which ended 3-3 after I had been leading 3-1. My own fault. Went for more goals when I should have sat back.

    All in all, it's looking good. It certainly saved my job. I've gone from 14th to 5th with a game in hand. Could go into 2nd. Happy with it so far. Worth a look if you are struggling.

  8. who u playing as?

  9. Everton.

  10. Will try this with my City save

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