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On a Hunch

  1. On a Hunch

    I decided to try and run a test. Conveniently, my game crashed just after losing to Aston Villa 2-0. I am playing Man U, near the end of the season. I've managed to maintain third spot in the League. I had saved just before playing the game since I've been having crash issues with the ME. I decided to run the game a few times from that save and see the results. I ran two more games after that with the same tactics each time. The first time I won 4-0 and the second time we tied 2-2. I didn't get any major issues, or have anyone sent off in any of the games, so there were no serious events to alter the outcomes. It seems like a large amount of variability for a single game. It also suggests my tactics selection doesn't really matter much.

  2. The opposition tactics, weather and opposition manager decisions in the build up to and during the game were all different each time though.

    Plus loads of other variables.

    Testing one game shows nothing.

    SI do tens of thousands of soak tests every week
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  3. Oh for goodness sakes. So instead of last FM's 'the match is scripted and I lose no matter what', we've now gone straight through to "there's too much variability in match results".

    You tested one game and reckon you've done a better job at analysing the game than SI? Gimme a break.
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  4. Any given Sunday !!
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