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Possesion, goals and clean sheets - Tested with Barcelona and Boca Juniors
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  1. Possesion, goals and clean sheets - Tested with Barcelona and Boca Juniors


    To start this post, and before introducing the tactic, i'd like to say a few things, first of all, sorry for my poor english, i will try to write it understandable, and second, i will start with some screenshots of results and some introducing texts of what you can achieve with this tactic, which is very Barça style. The first images are with Barcelona, and the last one with Boca Juniors.

    I would also like to make clear some details about those images, as you can see, with Barcelona, i only lost to Schalke 04 and with Real Madrid one time, the first one was because of bad luck scoring goals and they had 2 penalties, a pity; and second, well, it was my worst match of the season, the players were terrible. With Boca something similar happened, i played less matches because it was in that moment when i could finish to tweak the details concerning the tactic, in the defensive aspect most of all, in both saves the 90% of goals against were from set pieces, that made me focus in that side of the training for the next matches, with a very good improvement.

    The possesion with this tactic is between 60% and 70%, and as you can see, the efficiency in the defensive aspect is huge.

    At last, i didn't sign any player.

    TACTIC: 4-3-2-1

    General explanation - Possesion: the key of the system will be controlling the ball until we find the right moment to perform a key pass, if not, try to manage the ball good, with the three midfielders, and with the huge contribution of wing backs.

    General explanation - Attack: the attacking system consist in a highly fluent way of playing, with a lot of movement of the players, with a central striker who will try to move a lot into channels, meanwhile the AM's will be trying to occupy a spot into the defense, moving into channels, and generating holes in the opposition tactic, a real headache for the defenders, and more if we have in mind that the wing backs are going to be constantly in attacking positions, hugging touchline, but also cutting into channels, they will have a lot of goal chances (with my Boca save, Clemente Rodríguez, the WB R, scored 10 times). The brain, the left centre midfielder, will have total freedom and will try to make a lot of key passes, also creating a lot of CCC, he will be looking for spaces, and having chances from distance and from close range too. The right centre midfielder will be something like a box to box midfielder, but he could also be a deep lying playmaker with defensive competence, it will help if he is good at long shots, because he will be have chances too.

    General explanation - Defense: maybe the most controversial side of the tactic, and the most difficult to "perfect". The marking will be man to man, with a lot of pressure, aggressive tackling, trying to recover the ball as quick as possible. There will be a few indications later in the post to achieve a good funcionality of the tactic, the individual instructions on marking depending on the opposition tactics.

    Goalkeeper - Best as possible, sweeper if you can.
    Central Defenders - Best as possible.
    Wing Backs - Decent defence and good attack.
    Anchor Man - Anchor man, anti-football, better if he has good tecnhique.
    Midfielder Centre Right- Box to box will be good, a deep lying playmaker with decent defending is good too.
    Midfielder Centre Left - The chosen one, different, a brain. A Juan Román Riquelme kind of player will be good, and because of the tactic, if you want him to be decent at defending, better.
    Attacking Midfielders - Skillfull, dribbling, finishing, passing, fast.
    Striker - The "pichichi", a complete striker, the best as possible.

    Individual Marking Instructions - This is a KEY point of the tactic, necessary for the right function of the tactic, you will have to assign man to man marking to your players depending on the opposition tactics. The key is in having always the 2 defenders free and if you can the anchor man too, if it's possible, you will try to let them without individual instructions, but all the others players (except the striker maybe) will have to have individual instructions. Example, the opposition uses a classic 4-4-2, then my AML will have assigned man to man marking to the FB R, my AM R to the FB L, my MC L to the MC R, my MC R to the MC L, my WB L to the M R, my WB R to the M L, then you will have your two DC marking the two Strikers with the help of your Anchor Man, that way you have 3 men over the opposition 2 strikers, outnumbering them. Here a few examples with other tactics (sorry it's in spanish).

    Pitch Size - Normal, standar.

    - No, if you go on holidays, your assistant manager will not assign individual marking, so the results won't be the same, you can have some results, but not like when you play.

    Match Preparation - AAt the beggining, try to adapt to the tactic, and then you should focus on defending set pieces, because i've suffered a lot in that aspect.

    Opposition Instructions - None.

    Team Talk - Do what you want, i let the assistant do the talk, he has to do something.

    Shouts - None.

    Red Cards - Sometimes i quit the MC L, if he dooesn't have any individual marking assignment. If he has, i take off the Striker, that way you will maintain your solid defensive line, and the MC L and the AM's will collaborate a lot in creating situations, trying to replace the striker.

    Opposition Analisis - Sometimes, you will not know how to assign the individual instructions, for example when the rival manager use extreme or rare tactics, the team that gave more headaches in the save with Barcelona was Manchester City in the 2 matches, because they played with a ST, AMC L, AMC C, AMC R, MC R, MC L, and i wasn't sure if i should assign individual marking for my WB so they take care of the AMC L and AMC R, in the first leg I suffered a lot, because the striker occupied a lot of spaces and my defenders followed him discovering the center of the defense, that way if one player went through the individual marking, i were in troubles, it didn't work well, but in the second leg I did the same with the WB, but i tweak the marking of my two DC, from man to man to zone, that way they covered the holes pretty well and neutralized Dzeko, the result was that in the first 45 minutes they had 0 shots, of course afther that first half they changed tactics and it was easier to control them, like the more normal tactics. So, what i want to say, is that sometimes you have to experiment, to try things, viewing of course the COMPLETE MATCH, so you can see how you can mark the opposition to neutralize them, that way you will find the answer, and then is time to wait your team to score .

    Extra - All the players have individual tweaks, so if you change something, it may alter the way the tactic work, so be careful with that.


    Well, this is all, i hope you find it useful, those people who use downloaded tactics and those who use them to learn a few more things and applying in your tactics (like me), good luck, and sorry for my english again!
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  2. good opening post mate!

    that is decent results no doubt, but with Barca.. it's pretty easy, even with Fm13..

    what I suggest is trying it with other teams from other leagues like:

    Schalke/Southampton/CSKA/Corinthians etc, even Chelsea/Arsenal/Liverpool

  3. Thanks mate, yes, i know what you mean, but i achieved something that i'm very proud, conceding only 13 goals in La Liga is a new personal record hehe. Btw, i'm actually about to start a new save (i hope that will be my long term save on this FM), with a middle/small team, so i will post the results when i'm done with the first season.

    PD: i used your tactics and gave me very good ideas in the past, so, thanks!
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  4. nice tactic i will try this tactic and see how it compares to my possession tactic im using with cardiff.

  5. hi...would like to try ur tactics on my man utd saves....but cannot download...can u reload ur tactics again?

  6. what do you mean 'the brain'? do you mean smart players that take control of the game? if so, examples please? players that have 'the brain'

  7. he means intelligence..

  8. think he means playertypes like xavi, pirlo etc.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by ross011 View Post
    what do you mean 'the brain'? do you mean smart players that take control of the game? if so, examples please? players that have 'the brain'
    Think of players with high creativity and composure along with passing and first touch incase under pressure in the game, and also maybe players with the "Dictates Tempo" trait

  10. How do we download this because it takes me to a page where i need to put a contact number in and i dont think anybody will do that on a site they dont know of mate, maybe mediafire?

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