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    Apologies if has already been asked but what tactics do people use when being tottenham? Im having no joy at all nothing works at all.

    I normally play the 4-5-1 which for some reason doesnt seem to work with me -

    Played Norwich i had 24 shots at goal and then had 8 and beat me 3-0
    Played Bruuge i was beaten 3-1 despite again dominating the match

    I have also tried a 4-4-2 but even with that i still never seem to win.

    I understand the tactics may take quite a while for the team to get use to espescially if you are trying something new but bloody hell this game is near enough impossible.



  2. Hi David, I was doing a save where I was both Spurs and Villa but only did it for 6 months because Villa (the team I support) were doing terrible so wanted to start again. Anyway the spurs team were doing class with the tactics in the link below:

    The big release! 2-3-2-2-1 Total football!

    I was playing Dempsey in the AML position who was bagging for fun and Dembele in the MCL position who dominated, also suggest buying Demba Ba because Defoe didnt do amazing for me in this tactic, as I say it was just up until Xmas but I was getting some great results and will be using it when I go back to do a proper Spurs save.

  3. Thankyou mate your a star

  4. trying your tactic wazzawarren again with Tottenham and working superb great tactic

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