What the hell is going on!?!?

  1. What the hell is going on!?!?

    I am a seasoned fm player for the last how ever many years and never have i had a problem like this. no matter what team i am no matter who i play and no matter what league its in i cant win a game and its starting to grate now! i have had 30 season games in the past so im not just whinging because im shit i just donr know what to do?!?!

  2. hey bud,

    FM13 is much more realistic than Fm12, you cannot just buy the best 11 players and use the same tactic for years and years and expect to win, you actually have to manage your squad, chat to them, praise them, shit them out when they don't perform, watch the games, counter their threats and exploit their weaknesses!

    take the time, get into the save and manage like a real manager, attend press conferences, play mind games with opponents and mind games with their defenders and main threats..

    the game is far from impossible mate..

    The Sunderland loss (in the cup) was due to me playing a weaker team and paid the price for it, like Fergie and many managers have done in the past couple of years.. the other one was just an unlucky loss!

    What the hell is going on!?!?-manchester-united_-fixtures-schedule.pngWhat the hell is going on!?!?-english-premier-division_-overview-stages.png

  3. I have been playing FM / CM since the game was first released and i have never had such a hard time finding a winning tactic.
    I have tried at least 20 different tactical variations with absolutely no success.I can create 20 - 30 scoring chances in every game and with any team but either my strikers fluff their lines or the keeper (no matter how good he is) pulls of a worldi and my defence just seems to crumble and concedes stupid goals in every game......Bloody Frustrated or what !!!!

  4. Are SI aware of this bug? Maybe they have just made the game harder?

  5. I agree im playing with Crewe i've done ok finished mid table a couple of seasons but my team is easily good enough now to go up. My team has at least twice as many chances always more possession. My team scores on average once every 15 shots, Opposition once every 3 or 4. I get thats it harder but the game isnt fair on the player.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ledge11 View Post
    Are SI aware of this bug? Maybe they have just made the game harder?
    SI is aware of the bugs and they will be fixed in the next update, which is scheduled to be released at the end of this month.

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