Attacking Midfielder

  1. Attacking Midfielder

    Hi quick question.
    Currently playing as Man Utd, in a 4231 primarily, with one winger and 1 inside forward, overall we are winning games easily but I dont like it at all.
    My AMC (usually Kagawa/Rooney/Gotze) has a high attacking mentality and mixed (10 i think) passing set, with through balls set to often, however whenever they receive the ball, they have their back to the opposition and are being marked and never attempt through balls, the role i have set them too is AM (attack).
    Could anyone please help me out and tell me what im doing, if anything, wrong and how to make they attempt these passes more often.

  2. Wait for the new patch, Through balls is not happening to often anymore.

    Can also be because every team fears you, so their backline is so deep, that there is no space to place the through balls, I dont know if you are only watching key scenes, or you watching the whole match, but if you are watching the whole match you'll see that they sometimes try it, and it doesnt work, because their backline is so far behind, that it is no use...

  3. When is the new patch, and can i just download it via steam? First time i got FM through steam.
    I will start watching full match, but, players make runs so often, especially when we break, and he will not choose to try the through ball to run onto. I just dont understand why they dont even attempt them :s

  4. this is something thats annoying the **** out of me to... allot of the times i se a great run and a 99% succes chance to recive a through ball but it never comes -.- its like the players are mad at each other and ignore the great runs lol...
    and the AMC problem i have to, when he recives the ball 9 out of 10 times hes turned the wrong way and has no other option but to play back to CM..
    A patch is very needed....

  5. Thats exactly what happens to me, at first i thought it was because teams tend to park the bus, but blatent options appear and are ignored . Im back on fm12 for the meantime anyway, lol.

  6. yea ill just hope for a nice patch iv stoped useing AMC bcuz of this problem, playing just 2 CM's will give u more trought balls (not much but better than haveing ur hopes on the amc) but not haveing a defensive CM hurts the kinda feels like im running into a dead end all the time lol .. AMC is completly useless right now

  7. haveing ur AMC on "move into channels" help alittle but its still bad

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