Problems when the opposition go down to 10 men

  1. Problems when the opposition go down to 10 men

    This isn't a new problem for me but thought id see if anyone can help. Almost every time i am destroying a team with shots, possession and goals then they get a man sent off they end up becoming amazing and beating me! I'm in the lower leagues and play quite a defensive long ball game and have tried sticking with the same tactics but i have also tried attacking the team and still i get beat.

  2. i have had same issues with opp goin down to ten. I always assumed playing wider and exploiting flanks/ looking for overlap will stretch them so much they cant cope and you bash 5 odd past them but the 2 occasions on fm13 i have come up against it i have drawn and lost! I hope it was more misfortune than anything though and in future it will come good

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