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[FM13] Tool for star rating of coaches
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  1. [FM13] Tool for star rating of coaches

    I just make a tool which calculate the star rating of a coach for each aera of training. Very usefull for those who don't understand the calculation or those who are to lazy to calculate it by itself. Just fill in the attributes of the coach in the excel file and immediately see the star rating for each area. It can't be easier

    Language is English or Dutch. Just change the sheet/tab. One is in Dutch, the other in English.

    1. Download
    2. Unrar
    3. Open with Excel or OpenOffice
    4. Adapt the attributes
    5. The star rating appear immediately

    A screen with everywere a 10 als value (in Englisch)

    A screen with the attributes of Johan Cruijff filled in (in Dutch).


    I hope you enjoy it!
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  2. You can already find one in the download section which works fine:

    FM Coach Calculator for FM2011 - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats

  3. That is a tool for FM11 and not correct for FM13. Things are changed a little bit. So i decides to make a tool for FM13, since I couldn't found a accurate tool for FM13.
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  4. so what are the differences?

  5. The tactical and technical attrubites of a coach has influence on the GK-areas. You can check it yourself.

  6. I'll consider that if I need any new coaches but using the old methods has helped me to find 5 star gk coaches anyway.

  7. Thank you MisterW

  8. Great stuff, thank you.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by mld81 View Post
    I'll consider that if I need any new coaches but using the old methods has helped me to find 5 star gk coaches anyway.
    Can you stop being like that and at least thanks the man for his work?

    If you where ok, don't bother other peoples work!

  10. Fixed little issue and added a screen in English. More understandeble for most readers
    More inside in the change:

    I will give a example: Eric Steele of Man Utd.

    Goalkeeper: 20
    Determination: 16
    Level of Discipline: 13
    Motivating: 19

    An older tool would see: 4,5 star at Handling and 4,5 at stopping shots.
    Buth for handling, he gets only for 4 stars. Just like this tool says.

    Let us look to some other attributes:
    Technical: 9
    Tactical: 7

    This little difference makes already sence in this case! So it is really important to know this changes by signing new coaches!

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