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Why do none of my players stats improve?

  1. Why do none of my players stats improve?

    This is Walcotts finishing after 9 months. He started as a striker every game.

    Even other players such as el ghanassy havnt gone up much at all. 1/2 at the most.

  2. Look at his overall training, it doesn't look like he's training all that well, seems like the aerobic training is kinda a waste on him. Also it can help if you make shooting training all the way up (intense) and sort of specialize the training regiment specifically for theo if you want to particularly train him. He, most likely, as hit his PA and will only increase finishing if he decreases something else, like defending attributes, so put him on no defensive training and you may start to see something over a few months. Think about it too, theo has been a starter in the premiership for more than 6 years he's about as good technically in fm as he'll ever be.
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  3. Even such players as james rodriguez and gervinho havnt gone up at all. im now in april of the first year about to finsih the season

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