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Fighting Age...

  1. Fighting Age...

    i have a problem with one player in the squad, no other than Lionel Messi... he is 31 now on my save... old but no so old...

    he decreased a couple of physical attributes... acceleration, pace and strenght, and would like to know what to do, to at least slow down the natural decrease of them...

    otherwise i think that ill have messi only for the rest of the season, i thought that he ll remain at prime until 33 or 34

  2. dude didnt u get bored with barca for 6 seasons? i mean its not like there's competition in spanish league. and playin as barca for 6 years i rate ur patience.

  3. i bought messi!!! its in Monaco... paid 45m cash and 230 in 4 year monthly installments a season and half ago

    i want, at least, to use him at his best or nearly for 2 more seasons, and then if he wishes to retire at my squad

  4. its the only old player i have in my entire squad, only because its messi... CR7 still has decent physical attributes and is nearing 34...

  5. Not much you can do about it really, it's the way of life. Instead, I would give him a different role where physics matter less.
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  6. In 12 you could set an anti-aging training schedule, dunno if it's possible in 13

  7. im surprised, its 31, not 34 or 35... i think that is still too young to start declining physically

  8. After 30 they will, it also has a lot to do with natural fitness i think.

    IMO, you should train is pace or stamina, as those are crucial for him

  9. Take him off the wing, either play him CM or AM so he's not sprinting around so much. Rotate him around often so he's not getting too tired and to avoid injuries.

    Also if you're comparing Messi and Ronaldo you'll see that they both hit the same sort of form at around the same time (06-07) but Messi is younger. Not sure if the game engine takes that into account but a lot of the better older players on the game all did the same, peaking later in life as opposed to those that peaked early on and burnt out.

  10. im playing him at AM, he still doing pretty good, my worries arent for this season in course, but for the 2 coming, he has contract from 2017 to 2020, he is tutoring other players, now an english regen that could, maybe, become as good as him

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