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  1. Away Games Tactical Discussion

    So, I wanted to ask people what they do tactically when playing away teams as compared to their home tactic.

    I currently play a 4231 with arsenal. the tactic is mostly Koflok's Goals Galore with some player instruction tweaks. I generally play very well at home, though a recent 1-1 draw with Reading was frustrating, but I lose consistently away, 4 out of last 6, to lesser teams.
    Away Games Tactical Discussion-screen-shot-2012-11-18-12.50.18-pm.png
    Away Games Tactical Discussion-screen-shot-2012-11-18-12.50.45-pm.png

    Im wondering what people would suggest I do, or generally, what people do with their own away tactics? Thanks in advance!

    Also, in case you are wondering, I also bought Fellaini, he is currently hurt and thus not in the screen shots.
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  2. u r playing attacking fluid with a very deep line and very narrow... hmm dose that work good? ...

  3. i cant do shit this year when it comes to the tactics... last year was great i could create all kinds of tactics and worked great but this year whatever i do the team is just ignoreing everything...

  4. I'm just about bumbling through at home at the moment. If I manage to create or find a tactic that works well at home I tend to just tweak it for away games. Drop the defensive line, switch to counter and tweak PI's. It's not fantastic but I do find your team become familiar with it more quickly and I tend to play better and not lose by as many as when I try to create an away tactic from scratch.

  5. Youre better off waiting for the next patch till they sort things out. I cant get arshavin to run with the ball for the life of me even at home,or strikers to get in the box and meet a cross

  6. Usually just start with standard and if they dominate the play switch to counter and tweak a few players mentatility to slightly more defensive - otherwise stick to standard and try and nick a goal. Also, if we are getting battered on counter just go defensive and hope to nick one from a set piece and maybe stick a dmc in instead of 2 upfront if its really bad.

    This is my strategy in the blue square premier though, which has put me top on away record, and it seems to work. You just have to get an instinct of how the game is going in the first 10 mins and keep tweaking between standard counter and defend IMO. Obviously might be very different for Arsenal. Try to keep it rigid and not press high away as well so you invite the opposition in tackle hard and break rather than running around everywhere like headless chickens pressing the ball.

  7. I usually play à Cautious possession based approach, switching to à more direct Counter approach when I see ( not think) that the opponent is pushing up and is taking lots Of runs ( especially their fullbacks) AHEAD Of the ball.

    But, regardless Of approach, My main point is this.
    - use extended highlights at the very least
    - Start all matches(and 2nd halfs) in Full match and be prepared to switch approach/shouts instantly.
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