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Matox monegasque... Real Test...

  1. Matox monegasque... Real Test...

    after winning it all with Monaco, ill leave this save, maybe ill continue it later, or dont, but although is nice to see Monaco winning all year to year, and see my stadium growing beyond Monaco's population itself, i think its time to see how my tactic works elsewhere...

    ill start a save as unemployed semi professional footballer, like real life

    let see what happens...

  2. maybe... pick a club from cold iceland... yeah, that will the challenge... taking a club from far and cold iceland to europe and world glory!!!

  3. Yep. this needed it own thread..

  4. i just won my first match as KR from iceland, AWAY against RB salzburg, for the CL qualifying round...

    first game, first Shock!!!

    by the way, opponents goal came from a dubious penalty

  5. Jesus, dude there is a stories section.. go create endless crap in there unless your posting/commenting on a tactic.

  6. iceland is far too difficult... my test is going with Red Bull Salzburg from Osterreich

  7. impossible, impossible impossible... not for the tactic, but first season blunders galore... i ve put an assistan with 20 (twenty!!!) of motivation, and everything he said, the team takes it wrong and perform bad... i became stupid of seeing that players just dont fight for the ball and in the few cases they have the LUCK to intercept a pass they just gives it away to rivals

    i had a couple of good players in RB, but the game engine has something wrong with blunders when you just start

  8. i went back to play my monaco save, its a pleasure when you see your team leaving their skins on the pitch when they dont have the ball... i conceded just 6 on 25 games, undefeated, i know, i have good players, but in austria league i had better players than opponents but was i saw was light years away from the same, although using the same tactic... i just dont know how to deal with the morale

  9. Quote Originally Posted by matox13 View Post
    i just dont know how to deal with the morale
    if how you interact on this forum is how you interact with your players its no wonder your struggling
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  10. Thread closed as it only serves as a random notebook Of your FM- experience.

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