first season: impossible

  1. first season: impossible

    this is the crappiest part of the game

    at first season, no matter what tactic you use, everything you say on team talk makes your team dumb, i saw my team concede a blunder, and missing the impossible, and anything i said on team talks worth nuthin.

    i was saying the same things i did in my monaco save, my team reacted bad, the contrary, bad, nothing... bad

    fined players, bad, bought ademilson (supposed wonderkid) dont score a goal even to his granma bought adryan, passes the ball to the guys with the other shirt

  2. If your team talks aren't getting through to them, maybe let the assistant manager take team talks. Or alternatively, try looking at the personality of your players and collectively as a team, in order to try and work out which kind of team talk is most effective.

  3. my assistant???, any time i ask his advice, he ruins it all... no matter was he say

    i set match prep on highest... i saw less blunders

  4. Maybe it's just because the team isn't used to the tactics that you're employing, give them a few matches and they should work it all out (hopefully). They might have reacted badly, because they thought that you were being unfair in criticising them when they were playing an unfamiliar tactic/formation.

  5. its fuckin annoying, the players dont even fight for the ball...

  6. how i wont criticize them if they dont stop to make blunders and losing with rivals that couldt score a goal to a rainbow... i dont complain if rival is better, but they just gives ball to opponents... my monaco team works, i put match prep on maximum, on defensive positioning, almost familiarized with the tactic but i do the team talk calmly, bad reaction, aggresive, bad reaction... its like they are familiarized with losing

  7. and, of course, rivals arent better, but they dont make mistakes... bizarre

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