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4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)

  1. 4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)


    Hi everyone!

    I've been an avid "consumer" of this site's insight and tactics for some time now. Much of the success i've had in the past playing FM comes down to input from most of the users here, be it in the form of tactics or simple feedback about the game and its inner workings. I can honestly say that i've not been the most contributing of users towards this community, and i humble myself when i see contributions such as that of The Better Half towards this community, so thank you to him, and others such as Koflok, Supermatt, Raikan or Mr. Hough (and many others), because you've enhanced my gaming experience a great deal.

    That said, this year i decided to get off my ass and be more participative! I used several of the tactics made available here, some with more success than others, and tried to provide feedback so that they could be improved. As of yet, i haven't found anything that suits me and my style of play, so i decided to try and create something of my own.

    I'm currently managing Wolves. It's my 3rd season now. After a complicated start and different tactical blunders, i managed to win the championship with an excellent run in the second half of the season by using TBH's fm12 tactic - Into Oblivion, although it didnt prove so effective in the top flight against stonger teams. So i changed up. In my second season i tried many tactics and ran various tests with them (10/15 game sequences with different tactics ans subsequently comparing the results). I ended up more confused in the end than when i started, and here i found proof that the ME really needs a lot of work still. However, through these tests i found playing with 3 at the back was fairly successfull, and tried to adapt Mr. Hough's tactic to my squad by playing an assymetrical 3-4-3 with a wing-back on one side and a winger on the other. This got me to 6th by the end of my first season in the EPL. I had some very interesting results, but unfortunately they weren't as consistent as i would have liked and the way my team played didnt convince me. So i changed up again for season 3, trying out a tweaked version of Supermatt's Brendan Rogers tactic, rendering it a little more defensive on the wings (backs) and bringing the wingers inside to perform AM positions. This was relatively successfull, but i conceded too much, so i changed up again and started from scratch this time, trying to pick up all of the successfull bits and pieces from my previous experiences.

    This is what i came up with, a classic no-nonsense rigid 4231:
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolverhampton-wanderers_-tactics-overview.png

    And i must say, it worked so much better than i expected it to!

    The idea behind this tactic is to have a balanced approach. It plays narrow with a slow tempo and high d-line, moving the ball around and looking for the right moment to feed it into the area for the finish. The trequartista, in the middle of the AM's is the playmaker, and the striker is a target man with a "run onto ball" supply. I also use man-marking on most of my players.

    I always play Control, unless i'm behind where i resort to attacking (not immediately after conceding though) or away against very strong opposition where i use counter and i lower the defensive line, remove off-side traps and increase tempo to quick.

    I've tried to use shouts but with mixed success. Shouts such as "work ball into box" or "play through defence" work sometimes, but other times hinder my offensive play, so if anyone could help me there i would appreciate it. If its hard for the opposition to launch attacks i tend to shout "push higher up" to regain the ball quicker, or "drop deeper" if they are getting in behind my defence too often.

    Shouts have prooven effective though when i play away against stronger opposition. Here i shout "get ball forward", "play into space", and it works very well sometimes, although i'm not yet completely happy with the way i play away from home against big clubs.

    I'm trying to develop a tactic to use in tandem with this one against stronger opponents but initial tests have rendered mixed results. I'd appreciate help in that department too!

    The Roles:

    Two solid centre-backs who rarely get caught out of position. Lisandro Lopez has been amazing for me here. I recommend pacey (13 min) cetre-backs due to the high line. The rest of the attributes are straightforward.

    Two wing-backs that avidly support the more offensive players but that primarily must stop the oppositions wing-play, so they have to be fast, good tackling, marking, positioning, anticipation, passing and crossing.

    Two hard working midfielders, that can do it all. These players close down the opposition all over the midfield, trying to regain the ball quickly and lay it off to our playmaker. I like to play all round midfielders here, the likes of Joe Alan or Ciaran Clark who has been particularly surprising. I recomend work rate, anticipation, tackling, passing and stamina.

    The playmaker. Very important part of the team. He looks to feed the ball onto any of the 3 players in-front or around him, or down the wings to the wing-backs arriving late in the area. He is the classic roaming trequartista, very creative, great vision, comes deep to get the ball and moves it around the offensive line looking for the right opportunity to feed it into the area for the finish. Felipe anderson is a master here. so, passing, creativity, decisions are imperative.

    Two Attacking midfielders. These players work more as inside forwards. Their job is to look for space, either on the wing, inside or outside the area. They are constantly roaming around providing support to the playmaker, the wing backs and the lone striker or looking for opportunities to score themselves. These need to be all round players, capable of passing, crossing and finishing. I highly recommend Lazar Markovic, Will Hughes and Fede Vico. I practically made this tactic around them. T

    he striker. Fast and clynical. looking to run onto through balls coming in from the midfield or get behind crosses coming from the wings. He should be fast, have high composure (opposition rarely need as many chances as we do to score the same goals), good ratings for off the ball, first touch, technique, and dribbling and heading are a definate bonus. Bought mattia destro for this position, he's very good, but my young Carlos Fierro is destroying the opposition, especially in the Europa League. in the EPL i tend to rotate them, using whoever is in better form.

    Here are my results so far, i started using this tactic against liverpool on the 26th of November:
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolverhampton-wanderers_-fixtures-schedule-2.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolverhampton-wanderers_-fixtures-schedule.png

    It started to show results immediately and the only two defeats i can remember were against chelsea and twente in the europa league. Chelsea were very lucky to beat us, as i'll show in a screenshot latter, however twente outclassed us in the last game of the group stage.we were already qualified in 1st and used secondary players, but it was still an unexpected result. I'm undefeated in the league since losing to chelsea and i was left cursing at my screen after some of those draws. But all in all i think these are very good results.

    Here are a few screenshots of some of my results:
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-chelsea_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-arsenal_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-west-ham_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-feyenoord-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats.png

    And finally the current league table:
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-english-premier-division_-overview-stages.png

    As it stands, i've got a good chance of winning the tittle because of the games in hand, i've already won the C One Cup, i'm in the final of the FA Cup and semi's of the Europa League, but soon i'm gonna have 5 games in 12 days (WTF happened there????!!!!!!!!), against valencia at home and away, against city at home, liverpool away and the final of the FA Cup against QPR. So its going to be very hard! I can win it all or lose it all. Anyway, i'll post my results as soon as the season ends. wish me luck!

    So there it is. This is still a work in progress. I'd love to get all the feedback i can get so i can improve this tactic, because i think its really promissing, so any help is much appreciated, with testing, feedback, anything! I just hope it works for whoever tries it and that you can see promise in it the way i do.

    Download Link:Control 4231.tac

    END OF SEASON UPDATE (+new tweaked tactic)

    Finally got round to play the last 10 games of my season with Wolves. The initial 3 games (after the 2-2 draw with west ham) were played with the current tactic, and the last 7 with a tweaked version of the initial tactic. I will detail the changes made to it later in the post.

    Now for the results:

    I came second to Man United in the PL by just one point
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-english-premier-division_-overview-stages-2.png

    i was the team with fewer losses in the league, just 2, but ended up drawing too many games, most of them unfairly. i'm happy with 2nd though, and the opportunity to prove myself in the Champions League.

    Here are the last results of the season:
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolverhampton-wanderers_-fixtures-schedule-3.png

    After 3 unconvincing performances against newcastle, valencia and city, i decided that i needed something more if i was to challenge for all 4 competitions. So i changed a few aspects of the initial tactic.

    The following results are all using the new version:

    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-q.p.r._-untitled-post-match.png
    This massive result against QPR won us the FA Cup

    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-valencia_-stats-match-stats-2.png
    This is the second leg of the EL semi-final against Valencia. Big result once again after a 1-1 draw away from home.

    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-arsenal_-stats-match-stats-4.png
    A slim result in the EL final against Arsenal. Went 1-0 up and played on the counter for the rest of the game.

    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-liverpool-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-newcastle-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-arsenal_-stats-match-stats-5.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolverhampton-wanderers_-training-team.png
    Here are the last few games of the season for the PL. Some good results, quite a few scored but conceeded too, although my team was very tired, playing a game nearly every 2 days during a whole month, as you can see from the screenshot of my training. 8 games in 17 days!!!!! unreal, but with some healthy squad rotation, managed some very good results against tough opposition, conceding mostly through set-pieces, or in the case of arsenal, failing to man mark their wingers again after they got substituted.

    Here are my top performers:
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-carlos-fierro_-overview-profile.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-felipe-anderson_-overview-profile.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-lazar-markovic_-overview-profile.png
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-mattia-destro_-overview-profile.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-lisandro-l-pez_-overview-profile.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-will-hughes_-overview-profile-2.png

    I highly recommend all of these young stars!! But a special mention has to go to Lisandro Lopez, who i believe played a very important role in only conceding 3 losses all season long.

    Now the tweaked tactic:
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolverhampton-wanderers_-tactics-team.png

    Changed Style to Balanced and closing down to default, automatically increasing all the closing down sliders for the whole team, except the two CM's that have a defined setting. Also decreased the d-line by 1 notch, removed offside trap and added counter-attacks.

    The team's play is now more fluid and the team works more "together" as a whole, working up and down the pitch as one, leaving less space between the different lines.

    Changed whole team to zonal marking, however, it is recommended that you man mark wingers with your wing-backs, especially against top teams. you must also close down opponent full-backs. I have removed tight marking for the back four, because i found that it made either my wing-backs man mark the wrong player (normally the forward in the area leaving the winger open for a cross at the far post) or the two CB's closing down the same player and leaving space for a run and consequent pass for CCC in front of goal. when playing against a lone striker, he must also be man marked by your most able defender.

    Still havent found a way to counter teams playing with two strikers, but if they are causing too much havoc in your defence, lower your CM's to DMF's to help out the CB's.

    Up front, i changed the role of the playmaker from trequartista to Advanced Playmaker, enabling less specific players to be able to perform this role successfully .The AM's and Striker have passing set to direct, one notch from long, so they are constantly looking for that through ball that splits the defense.

    In terms of strategy towards games, i still use control in most of my games. When i need to defend a result or play on the counter i bring my CM's back to DMF's and change to counter, using shouts such as "drop deeper", "pass into space" and "get ball forward".~When i need to chase a result, simply change to attacking strategy.

    I Believe the football played by this tactic is more appealing and delivers more goals than the previous version. i also believe it to be more solid defensively, although it will probably lead to more work from the manager, in terms of marking and closing down players, and changing team strategy adequately for each game.

    Still havent decided on a specific set of shouts to use when on the attack or control, because i find it to work better without shouts, but im open to suggestions.

    I'd appreciate it if who tested the previous version, could test this too and give me some feedback. As i've played very few matches with it myself i will do the same. Hopefully it will turn out good!

    Special thanks to Homerekka for constructive feedback and ideas towards this new version. Hope it works mate

    So here it is, Balanced Control 4231

    Download Link:Balanced Control 4231.tac


    NEW PATCH EDIT: Reduce passing of AM's and Poacher to first notch of direct instead of max direct. Tight marking also seems to be much better, so you can activate that for your CB's if you wish. But if you find that they are both closing down the same player, leaving space for a run behind them, take it off again.

    New Patch Versions to be released soon, so stay posted and feel free to post suggestions and feedback!


    After much testing, i've finally decided to release my new versions of the 4231.

    After a lot of frustration with the tactic creator, i reverted back to making tactics in the classic mode. I used a tactic that brought me much success in FM12 as the backbone for my new version, although i ended up completely altering it. It has brought me great success in my 4th season as Wolves, i'm 1st in the league and finshed 1st in my CL group. Won the Community Shield and European Super Cup. I'm out of both cups though, lost in the semi-final of the CO Cup to United after being outclassed in the second leg away from home. And lost on penalties to Arsenal in the FA Cup after they equalised in the last minute of regular time. Appart from that i have 2 losses all season, away to Bayern Munich in CL and away to West Ham in a match we should have won by a fair margin. i'll post screenshots of these results and others further down the post.

    The tactic is very strong at home and away to weaker or similar opponents, however it struggles away against stronger opposition. i believe this comes down to the very slow tempo and very short passing it employs. the team finds it difficult to get balls forward where the front players can create danger. So i have developed a second tactic, to play away against stronger teams. I'm not as happy with this tactic as i am with the original one, i've only used it for a few games, but i havent lost a game using it yet. Although it definately needs further testing and possible tweaking. I will be relying on feedback and ideas from people who try them out to try and improve it. The original tactic i think is very close to its final version, although, changes for the better are always welcomed, so if you have any ideas please let me know!

    Classic 4231 by Veez
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolverhampton-wanderers_-tactics-team.png

    This tactic plays a deep d-line and defensive mentality, however it is lethal in attack and plays some beautiful flowing football up front. It plays very narrow and with a very slow tempo.

    I play deep, but my defenders close down very high up the pitch. the idea behind this, is to not get caught out with throughballs behind the defence, and still be able to regain balls through anticipation from behind. there are some downfalls though, sometimes it is hard to shake off intense pressure around the area, but taking into accont the tactic controls most of the match and posession, teams will normally try and hit you on the break, and this setting is perfect to defend against that.

    Originaly my full backs had very high closing down too, but i recently changed that, as i found that, playing with no ML or MR to mark and close down opposing full backs, my full back will close down the opposing full back if he has the ball near him and leave the AMR or AML open to receive the ball on the wing. My fullbacks are also set to man mark. If you arent lazy, leave it as zonal and do individual marking before every game, because if you leave default man marking, they will sometimes mark the forwards inside the area and leave the second post open for a cross. its a sure goal everytime! The fullbacks are simple minded as are the CB's, and will look to retain posession and find players up the field, although they have an offensive mentality and will show up down the wing to cross late into the area.

    Then i have two very hard working midfield players. They have to be able to defend well and handle the ball well too, because they will constantly by looking to feed the ball to the playmaker or support him in from behind. they will also normally close down opposing full backs or try to regain the ball in the middle of the park. They too had higher closing down at first, but i reduced it, because they were getting skinned too often, so i prefer them to retain their position.

    The Brain! The playmaker! In front of the CM's and in the middle of the AM's, he will look to receive the ball and try killer balls either to the AM's or the poacher in the area. This is a very important player, although the opposition will sometimes mark him very tightly, so if you find he is not producing what he normally does, untick the playmaker role.

    Two very creative all round inside forwards. These players do it all, play killer balls into the area through the middle, cross from the wing, or show up in the area for the finish. Vital to the teams offensive performance.

    The poacher, quick and clinical. He is set to target man, run onto ball. Carlos Fierro is a GOD in this position! he will also look to play other players in, either by clever flick on's in the area or by crossing the ball from channels.

    Classic 4231 Counter by Veez
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolverhampton-wanderers_-tactics-team-2.png

    This tactic is very similar to the previous one. It only differs because the players are set in more defensive positions, the fullbacks have a more defensive mentality and the passing is not so short. It also plays at a higher tempo. appart frm that the idea is the same. Bear in mind that this tactic does need more work. I'm not entirely happy with it yet. But i will continue to test it and tweak it if i find areas where it can be improved. i'll appreciate all the help and feedback i can get in this department, as well as for the other tactic.

    So here are my results and current league standings:

    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-english-premier-division_-overview-stages.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolverhampton-wanderers_-fixtures-schedule-2.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolverhampton-wanderers_-fixtures-schedule-3.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolverhampton-wanderers_-fixtures-schedule-4.png

    as you can see, im doing very well in the league and have only struggled away from home against strong opponents, although i have had some good results against city for example, however i was very lucky in that game. The last 4 away matches were played with the new away tactic, against united, arsenal twice and schalke. the previous ones were played with either the original tactic, or some other versions of away tactics i was testing at the time, however, although some may have given me a result or two, i wasnt happy with the way they performed on the pitch.

    Here are some screenshots of good wins:
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-newcastle-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-olympiakos-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-reading-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-arsenal_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-chelsea_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-fc-bayern_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-fcp_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-man-utd_-stats-match-stats-2.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-man-utd_-stats-match-stats-3.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-olympiakos_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-zenit_-stats-match-stats.png

    Here are some screnshots of my unlucky games:
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-watford-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-west-ham-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-west-brom_-stats-match-stats.png

    Here are some screenshots of my lucky games:
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-man-utd_-stats-match-stats.png

    I thought i had more of these, but this is the only one i found. This one won me the community shield hihihihi! although the tactic wasnt fluid here yet!

    Here are some screenshots of the games where i used the "away against stronger opposition" tactic:
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-arsenal-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-arsenal-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats-2.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-man-utd-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-schalke-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats.png

    i consider the two results against arsenal to be very unlucky! and the one against united is just very strange!

    Here are some screenshots of my top performers:
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-carlos-fierro_-overview-profile.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-lazar-markovic_-overview-profile.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-english-premier-division_-stats-player.png

    Finally, here are the tactics:

    Classic 4231 by Veez.tac

    Classic Counter 4231.tac

    Classic 4231 Attack by Veez V2 and Classic 433 Counter by Veez & Raikan V2 RELEASED - These are the latest and most recommended versions!

    Hi guys! had a busy yet very enjoyable night yesterday! Took wolves to glory and brought home both the Premier League Title and the Champions League!

    After being enlightened tactically by Raikan 007, who provided me with a new counter attack version to play away against stronger opponents which i tweaked slightly to better fit my players, i ended up tweaking the original Classic 4231 by Veez too.

    I will be posting these new versions of the tactics in the OP for download.

    Here is an overview:

    Classic 4231 by Veez V2
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolverhampton-wanderers_-tactics-overview-2.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolverhampton-wanderers_-report-tactics.png

    Classic 433 Counter by Veez & Raikan V2
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolverhampton-wanderers_-tactics-overview.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolverhampton-wanderers_-report-tactics-2.png

    Overall Team Stats:
    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolverhampton-wanderers_-report-stats.png

    Here are the results they rendered me in the final stages of the season:

    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolverhampton-wanderers_-fixtures-schedule-2.png

    i started using these tactics in the 1-1 draw away to Man City.

    For Away matches against strong opponents and in the Final of the Champions League i used the Classic 433 Counter by Veez & Raikan V2 and for the rest of the matches i used the Classic 4231 by Veez V2.

    Results with the Classic 4231 by Veez V2:

    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-west-brom-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wigan-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-fc-bayern_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-man-city_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-man-city_-stats-match-stats-2.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-newcastle_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-tottenham_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-wolves-v-west-ham_-stats-match-stats.png

    Results with the Classic 433 Counter by Veez & Raikan V2:

    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-chelsea-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-fc-bayern-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-man-city-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-olympique-lyonnais-v-wolves_-stats-match-stats.png

    I had a lot of injuries at the end of the season, so i wasnt able to play my best squad in the CL final, was a little lucky to win.

    However all the other results are very good, especially taking into account that the tactics werent even close to being fluid dua to the changes that i implemented!

    Here is the Final League Table and Stats:

    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-english-premier-division_-overview-stages-5.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-english-premier-division_-stats-player.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-english-premier-division_-stats-team.png

    Won the League with 4 matches to go after beating City away:

    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-english-premier-division_-overview-stages-3.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-jo-o-rodrigues_-news-inbox.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-jo-o-rodrigues_-news-inbox-2.png

    Here are the CL Stats:

    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-european-champions-cup_-awards-award-winners.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-european-champions-cup_-stats-player.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-european-champions-cup_-stats-team.png

    And last but certainly not least my top performers:

    4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-axel-witsel_-overview-profile.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-carlos-fierro_-overview-profile.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-diego-vera_-overview-profile.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-jonjo-shelvey_-overview-profile.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-lazar-markovic_-overview-profile.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-leonel-galeano_-overview-profile.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-lisandro-l-pez_-overview-profile.png4231 by Veez (Patch 13.2.2)-will-hughes_-overview-profile.png

    I forgot to put Tim Krul in there, but he is simple amazing! Bought him in January after selling Ruddy, and for me he is one of the best goalkeepers in the game. Crucial to the great second half of the season!

    I highly recommend Lazar Markovic and Carlos Fierro to everyone. They are absolute Beasts (at age 21)!!!!

    I hope these tactics work as well for you as they have for me. I will accept and apreciate all feedback and constructive criticism, so that we can try and develop these tactics further, because i think they have a great deal of potential. I will also obviously be available to answer any sort of questions or doubts anyone may have.

    Thank you for following my thread, Good Luck and Happy Gaming to all!

    Download Links:

    Classic 4231 by Veez V2.tac

    Classic 433 Counter by Veez & Raikan V2.tac

    Note: These tactics were made in Classic mode, so you must select who you want as your Target Men and Playmakers in the Set-Pieces Section of your Tactics!

    Pitch Size: Small

    Training: Set General Training to Tactics until Fluid with High Intensity - Then Change to either Balanced or Defensive and set Match Training to Def. Set Pieces

    Playmaker: In Classic 4231 by Veez v2 the playmaker is the AMC in the middle of the three

    I have not implemented any set-piece routines, that will be the next thing to develop. So tweak them as you wish and If anyone has any ideas or input in this or any other area, it will be much appreciated.

    Thank you for all your help Raikan007!
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  2. Been using Raikans MIght and Magic tactic with mixed results and have been looking for a solid one too use. Will test with Workington in the BSN and let you know mate.

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    Been using Raikans MIght and Magic tactic with mixed results and have been looking for a solid one too use. Will test with Workington in the BSN and let you know mate.
    Nice one! Remember to tweak it a little when you play against stronger opposition like i mentionen in the thread.

    Good luck!

  4. I've been using a similar formation with three AMC but 1 CM and 1 DM ... I swapped to this prior to the match against Chelsea.. I'm playing as Southampton so I'm suppose to lose this game ...

    Ended up a 2-2 draw and I had 4-5 CCC that I missed due to the fact my team is pretty young and even the first team is developing heavily right now. I'm headed to work now but I'm curious to see how this is going to play out against a more even side. Will repost later.

  5. Will give this a go mate.

    Currently play 4-2-3-1 anyway but struggling to score goals and conceding loads, so hopefully this will help.

    If I don't get sacked before this of course

  6. Wil give it a whirl mate, I'm half way through a my forth season with Liverpool and I feel like my tactic's have been "found out" so I'm in need of a change up.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Kanij1980 View Post
    I've been using a similar formation with three AMC but 1 CM and 1 DM ... I swapped to this prior to the match against Chelsea.. I'm playing as Southampton so I'm suppose to lose this game ...

    Ended up a 2-2 draw and I had 4-5 CCC that I missed due to the fact my team is pretty young and even the first team is developing heavily right now. I'm headed to work now but I'm curious to see how this is going to play out against a more even side. Will repost later.
    nice one mate! did you play with the tweaks for stronger opposition or as is?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Gibbo9 View Post
    Will give this a go mate.

    Currently play 4-2-3-1 anyway but struggling to score goals and conceding loads, so hopefully this will help.

    If I don't get sacked before this of course
    hope it does! let me know how you do. good luck!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by medicineboy View Post
    Wil give it a whirl mate, I'm half way through a my forth season with Liverpool and I feel like my tactic's have been "found out" so I'm in need of a change up.
    what tactics were you using before? was it successfull? im keen on finding other successfull formulas that i can analyze and use to further improve my tactics. let me know how you do!

  10. thanks to all who are trying out my tactic, especially those who have taken the time to post on this thread. i'm quite nervous to find out how everyone is doing. i'm cooking some dinner now and after i eat, hopefully i can get on with finishing my season with wolves and possibly winning all 4 competitions! i'll try and post my results later tonight, otherwise i'll do so when i get to work tomorrow.

    thanks again and good luck to everyone involved
    Last edited by veez; 19/11/2012 at 11:11 PM.

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