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Tactics for the Neutral - Attacking 5-3-2
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  1. Tactics for the Neutral - Attacking 5-3-2

    ***Download link is here***

    As part of my Champions League or bust preparations for Everton, I stumbled into a reboot of the old Ajax '96 team and spotted that today's Everton have the players (almost) to make it work.

    Tactics for the Neutral - Attacking 5-3-2-2012-11-19_00007.jpg

    Season one, if you aren't as aggressive in the transfer market or would rather save pennies, you'd play Osman in CML, Fellaini CM and Gibson CMR.

    First season I've brought in Dzagoev (free in January), Anderson (part exchanged Junior) and Kirchhoff (Sold Distin, Pienaar, Anichibe, Vellios, Hibbert, cashed out all my transfer bonuses from Rodwell and my first born. Had the board very upset that I lied to them about how much I was going to spend on wages. They forgave me when I won the League Cup).

    Second season I lied again and told them I could qualify for the champions league and bought Ryan Shawcross. Which I regret because he can't get in the team. Jags and Kirchhoff average 7.9 each, how can I drop them? I should have picked up a striker, a right wing back or a backup sweeper.

    Although so far the team is bailing me out on that one.

    Tactics for the Neutral - Attacking 5-3-2-2012-11-19_00006.jpg

    Playmaker depends on who I'm playing, unless the right back is world class, I set Baines as the playmaker and change my attacks to go down the left. If not, I nominate Dzagoev and go through the middle.

    My first season I had a terrible start (first 5 games I stuck to a 4-5-1 and lost 4, drew 1) and got knocked out of the FA Cup by Peterborough.

    Then I started the wholesale changes and came up with this formation, initially to try and stem the avalanche of goals I conceded. Took an unbeaten streak of 22 games to the end (too many draws though) Won the League Cup and am doing well in my second season.

    Tactics for the Neutral - Attacking 5-3-2-2012-11-19_00008.jpg

    Carling cup last 32. Problem Mancini?

    I think the system works so well because Heitinga is a natural in the sweeper/libero position (a good sweeper is hard to find) Kirchhoff and Jagielka are beasts. Baines and Dzagoev are close to, if not world class and everything we have goes through them down the left. Fellaini is a face biting maniac and breaks down possession well and Seamus Coleman, well, he looks good in the team photo...

    Next transfer priorities are;

    1) Backup right wing back
    1) Striker to help Jelavic who isn't a converted winger. (Gueye, Mirallas and Naismith.)
    3) Backup sweeper (though if Heitinga is injured/suspended I play Shawcross in a flat back three)
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  2. looks solid mate, have you tried this with the new patch?

  3. I've played a few more games after the patch last night, 4-1 win, a couple two goal victories and a couple of score draws (and reserve team of 18 year old kids lost 3-0 to Bordeaux in the UEFA cup after I qualified with two games to go)

    It won't turn them into Barca slayers overnight, but it seems to hold up to the latest patch.

  4. nice work! i love playing with 3 at the back. currently i'm working on something else, but when i have the time i'll certainly give this a try.


  5. alright moyesiah are you making this available for download? looks good would fancy giving it a try


  6. Of course, but it'll be a few hours when I get home from work and work out how to do it. (Shh, don't tell the boss I'm here and not working.)

    I posted the screenshots of the team page and formation so it's easy enough to get very close if you can't wait. There's not a great deal of customization, just set Baines (or your best wing back if you aren't Everton) as attacking as possible and the other wing back attacking, but not all out attack to balance somewhat.

    Three quick points to consider if you aren't waiting for a download.

    1) I fiddle around with the playmaker and left sided bias if the right side of the opposition is strong.
    2) You *will* concede the odd goal on the counter attack. Don't get mad.
    3) If you aren't playing as Everton, consider a flat back three as sweepers as good as Heitinga are rare.
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  7. i hope you get this tactic up mate because i am doing complete shite with my everton team

  8. Nice results. But uh what did u mean by reboot Ajax '96, in what way? The formation is totaly different they played in a 3-1-2-1-3 formation bassicly.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Donlazy View Post
    Nice results. But uh what did u mean by reboot Ajax '96, in what way? The formation is totaly different they played in a 3-1-2-1-3 formation bassicly.
    In that they played a sweeper I suppose. Looking back it's not that much like the '96 ajax team at all.

    Huh. Oh well.

    Download link has been added to my initial post at the top. Good luck upon any fellow toffees.

    Feedback and your improvements (apart from the name, I like it even though it's wrong) are welcome. Especially if you can stop my team throwing away 3-0 leads at half time and finishing 3-3.

  10. A quick update on season two and a disclaimer.

    League table should read P38 W26 D10 L2

    But I was a little bit annoyed because those two losses were the last two games of the season after I'd already wrapped up the title. So because I'm a big cheating get and wanted to get the 'invincible' achievement for going a season undefeated in the league, I had to use a couple of reloads. What can I say? I'm only human.

    But that aside, here's the official (as far as steam is concerned) stats.

    The formation has plenty of room for improvement. I'm thinking of tweaking the midfield three. Dropping in a DMF and switching the Libero to an attacking midfielder or third striker.

    Tactics for the Neutral - Attacking 5-3-2-2012-11-25_00001.jpg

    Tactics for the Neutral - Attacking 5-3-2-2012-11-25_00002.jpg

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