Please help with dumbness

  1. Please help with dumbness

    im just dont know what the fuck to do with this... im playing a Crvena Zvezda save, like i did with RB salzburg before...

    im sure that isnt a tactic issue, but mental... my team just love to throw away games, when im leading, i tell them to not be complacent, they just do the contrary, get complacent and throw away the game

    of course, if rival scores first, they score second, third, fourth and so on

    but if i do, like scoring 2 or 3, second half is only to see my team lose the lead, leading, or to a 1 goal win in best of cases, or draws and even losses on majority

    i do have good players, think the best of serbian league... i didnt lose to partizan, won neither, drew both

    but lost against the last, drew a lot with teams that really have nuthing... in europa league, was embarrassed badly, my team doenst show will to win. my contract was renewed although, but im far for confident in this game... no consistency, team cannot maintain a 90 minute level, if i manage a winning streak they throw all away in a couple of games

    i just cant get the best of my players... and im not battered in any game... opponent create one chance and they score, or worse, against partizan they create just one chance and scored two (a stupid own goal)

    i know this isnt about tactics, but as far i cant get the best of my players, ill struggle, it seems like i have 11 dawn syndrome dumbs on the pitch

  2. you have a great success rate of around 90% of your threads being closed that you start, this one will be no different...

    we have linked you to the correct sections you are meant to post things like this in, but yet you refuse to follow simple instructions!

    this is your last warning

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