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Any ME exploiter tactic for fm13???

  1. Any ME exploiter tactic for fm13???

    As i struggle, struggle and struggle to the point that ill put my car as a hat as soon i hit the highway, im asking if there is any tactic that just exploits this ME... i dont want to be Real Madrid or City to win, but making my own tactics only leads me to anger and headaches... the only time i succedded was with Monaco, but then, the game was patched

  2. I have no doubt that someone will find one. But as those tactics always are a work of trial & error, using illogical settings, it will take more than a few days until someone finds one.

    As this years edition is even more about man management, morale, using the players to their best, these exploits will only work under the correct circumstances.
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  3. We need time to adapt to the new game engine

  4. Quote Originally Posted by matox13 View Post
    but making my own tactics only leads me to anger and headaches...
    Let it all bro, Let it all out.

  5. i just want to conquer Europe with a small nation's team

    i want to repeat this

    Crvena Zvezda - Kolo Kolo 3-0 - YouTube

    and this team dont have good players as united or barcelona, but they certainly arent horses!!!

  6. Some Tactics take a few matches to produce results, before the players learn their roles. Check the little bar next to the tactic it will show how comfortable the players are with it. (full bar = good)

    What reputation have u started as a manager with? lower rep means the bigger players in your side will not react to team talks as well as youngsters. Start with a simple 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 be aggressive in your team talks at start & half time unless winning by 3 0r more goals & always praise or say unlucky at end of match.

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