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Its Over...

  1. Its Over...

    Yes, its Over, Cest fini, Se acabo!!!

    no tactic works for my team, and i wont play with a top team just to win CL again, again, and again... i wanted to have fun taking a small country team into glory, but this game is SO CRAPPY that i wont...

    i used good tactics, said the right things on team talks (getting greens most of times) but its impossible if AI scores EVERY CHANCE they create and my team doesnt, its impossible when you focus match prep on defense just to see conceding with silly blunders, its useless to have passionate team talks just to see your team standing and watching how opponents score, its useless to hire an assistant with high attributes just to see him not using them, its useless even to cheat and inject 50 million in the team, as everyone you buy, just underperform.

    its useless to say STUCK IN, that in spanish means PONGAN FUERTE LA PATITA, just to see that EVERY disputed ball its for opponents

    SI wanted to make a difficult game... i understand, they just made an impossible one... i did micromanagement as some people said here, but its useless also...

    i saw "succesfull tactics" being tested here... with teams like tottenham at worst... no fun on being top with big clubs... i saw no tactic that took Zilina on knockout of CL, or Apoel, to say a REAL case. no... a triunph in this game is to win Premiership with city... that isnt a triunph, is just normal

    And, of course, im not talking of opponents like Real Barcelona or Bayern Munchen, im just talking about the Crappy serbian clubs that i bet dont have a half of attributes my team does... im not asking my team beat 4-0 all rivals, i ask for reality, and its no real that professionals lose against amateurs for blunders made by the... PROFESSIONALS (like it happened in my very last game in this game... cuz im playing NO MORE!!!)

    i tried: myself tactics, raikans tactics, kofloks tactics, better half's tactics just to mention a few... NOTHING WORKED!!! the best i achieved is an 8 games unbeaten run, with lots of 0-0 against teams that i could beat standing alone against the whole team

    i just once made a tactic that succedded with Monaco, just freak luck i think... so im quitting playing this game... it will be uninstalled in minutes...

    ill be reading down here, if then i find that this game is fixed, or at least a tactic that exploits the ME, then ill be get back playing... if i keep with this shit, someone will be hurt... this crap made me smoke 20 cigarettes in 4 hours... im turning 30 next march, id like to reach march... and i see impossible playing such an ANNOYING game.

    i do know that this thread is going to be closed... Ban me if you like, maybe you just do me a favor to not playing this Crap anymore.

    i know that is a thread called "post your frustrations" but my aim was getting advice on how the fuckin get rid of this annoying struggle and start to win, at least, the matches i suppose to, that means, almost all domestic in serbia.

    and in that post, there is NO ADVICE.

    said that, im saying goodbye!

  2. I'm confused, you don't want to play with a top team because it's easy, but you wanted to use an engine exploiting tactic to guarantee goals?

    Defeats the purpose the game.
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  3. #3
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  4. its confusing actually, but when you get to the point that if opponents throw a banana on your box is going to be a goal, you just want to win at any price

  5. i made up a theory on this... if your team has a high rep, then dont make blunders, if it has a low, they did, APART FROM THE PLAYERS... i bet that if i put the very same eleven with Real Madrid, they perform well

  6. Good don't come back, i am sick of seeing childish comments from you on every tactic which people have worked hard on in their own time for idiots like you just to call it shit.
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  7. play Crvena Zvezda, if you send me a screenshot that u won CL, id take a plane to where you live, and give you $5000 in cash

  8. and, if u read (its alarming u cant read your own language) i havent blamed on ppl who worked in the tactic, im just blaming on this fucking game

    by the way, its uninstalled... and will remain until huge fixes are made... its a pity, i had more fun with previous versions that i got pirated than this that i actually paid... not a good policy against piracy!!!

  9. Your crying and throwing a tantrum because you cant throw 11 players into a tactic and win the champions league in a season with a tiny team, use trial and error to find the right formula for your team and build it up instead of expecting everyone to do all the work for you.

  10. Mike.'s Avatar Mike.
    Manchester United Super Moderator
    If you want advice, dont post in the frustrations thread.

    What you do is create a thread using the guidelines ive stickied.

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