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  1. Psycologist???????

    yes... thats the issue... i had the idea... SI has definetely to add this staff member to being hired... it would be the ultimate solution to all those, starting by me, that are struggling with this game because players just dont put what they have to on the pitch

    in no time there will be someone that says "man management" or "motivating" before that ill address that i had on my save an assistant with 20 on man management, and makes no difference.

    there should be a staff member being the psycologist, and his task should be, like in real football, to deal with players to maintain them on focus, or in the worst case, to give advice on dropping all that arent good on their heads...

    of course ill post it on SI forums... i hope they address this issue, as i would like to play this game again and hope that stop being the crap that is nowadays.

  2. Do you ever get sick of posting complaint after complaint?

  3. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Ironic that it's being said the the Psycologist should be in the game. I could hazard a guess as to where he would be better utilised.....

  4. the psicologyst should be a solution for managers, like me, that dont know what the fking do with morale and motivation issues, as apparently ass manager neither do nuthing with this... they just should be like physios healing your injured players, psychos healing your dumb players that doenst put their skins or the pitch, or if they cant just to advice the manager on dropping out these players

    it would be a huge solution for the bunch of strugglers that drove crazy with this game

  5. Here we go again....

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Mckergan View Post
    Do you ever get sick of posting complaint after complaint?
    you dont have a remote idea of how angry i am with this game... its so enjoyable and its ruined by such a couple of small issues...

  7. make it easy: good motivating management, no need for a psycho, bad motivating management and no psicho, blunders and pizzas against you galore... good psychologist, no pizza and blunders, and manager working on manage the team and tactics, and leaving the psycho the mental issues... im not asking SI to put a lawyer at staff... just a psycho

  8. The team's biggest psychologist, the Manager!

  9. not all managers are good psychos... and i barely know here in argentina a manager that is a psychologist... the only one i knew is "the professor" Cordoba

    BoCrap juniors has one psycho... River also... to mention a couple.

    Madrid has, Barca too... they works for clubs

  10. "Hey guys, i cant win footbball manager...can we add a x staff member to make game easier? ktxbi"

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