Great start, but awful later on

  1. Great start, but awful later on

    Is it because the tactic has become so predictable or what is it? This happens all the time, I'm top of the league and all of a sudden I start drawing or losing every game I play, this happened to me first with Birmingham and then later Charlton athletic, with Charlton I won my first game 6-0 and played magnificently but now I'm losing to Barnsley. What can I do? Why is this always happening?

  2. Ive figured out after 5 save that if you have 3 tactics and never use the same one for more than two games in a row you wont have problems with them sussing out ure tactics.

  3. Cheers, I'll try and mix it up a little bit and see how it goes, I'll give feedback as well if anyones interested

  4. Not had the best luck with this, the tactic I had created was brilliant and the others don't really compare. It might also have something to with the fact that I use the same team selection alot

  5. I genrally get my best eleven players and base a team on that and then alter the formation a bit based on what other decent players i have. Like in my british Man City save i have a main gk-drdcdcdl-dmc-mcmc-amraml-stc tactic with a backup 4-2-3-1 and 4-2-2-2 tactics all with the same mentality,strategy,tackling,closing etc but different positions and roles. This has worked wonders for me not only on this save but also my last two.

  6. cheers I'll keep that in mind!

  7. FM2013 is such a strange game

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