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Red Dumbs FC

  1. Red Dumbs FC

    yes, they are not Red Star Belgrade or Crvena Zvezda... they are Red Dumbs, no matter what tactic you put or what you say on team talks, this teams is specially dumb... concedes silly goals, make mistakes consistently and just love to throw away games... i need advice on this, i want to start a save with this kind of teams, no PSG, no Madrid, no City, as is easy and boring to play with them

    i ve not bought this game to struggle with dumbs, i ve bought it to have fun, and that is what im aiming... ill have no fun seeing dumbs... so please tell me how i deal with dumbs as i cannot sent them into sea and drown them all

  2. Someone ban this idiot
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  3. you re the one that must be banned, i havent disrespected anyone here as you did with me right now
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by matox13 View Post
    you re the one that must be banned, i havent disrespected anyone here as you did with me right now

    you continuously spammed this forum with your useless threads (like this one). You have been warned many times by raikan and yet still continued doing it. If anything you are being disrespectful to anyone browsing this forum.

    seriously someone ban this guy.

  5. IT will be no surprise to say he has been banned on SI and i think he is trying to get banned on every FM site

  6. so please tell me how i deal with dumbs
    The same way as you deal with the mirror everyday. And sorry, but i think that if people tell you every moment and in every post to stop creating stupid threads, you should listen, or start to make more sense when you write. I'm ashamed that you are from my country mate. As you can see, this is an example, we both speak spanish, but we are in a forum that uses english as main language, so we adapt, yo should try DOING THE SAME with the threads, with the things you post, and stop complaining about stupid things, you have a thread for that.

  7. well... is this a forum for asking for help right??? i struggled like hell with this game, because dont know what to do... obviously anger leads to do some things... but i feel that spamming is not as grave as disrespecting others.

    i only been asking for advice and help, and all that i received was some tactical issues that have no link with my real problem in this game (for rodrigo que los jugadores pongan un poquito de huevos en la cancha)

    now im trying the language thing... something that no one asked or said before, and im sharing it because that should i succeed, this would be helpful for other that struggles but get so angry like me for that and therefore dont spam

  8. It's a forum, that is what you need to understand, not a diary. You post absolutely everything, you have a small issue and you go and start a thread, when you have a lot of threads to complain or to ask for advices. And i understand your frustrations (cuando los jugadores se quedan parados y miran como les hacen goles te hace enojar, y mucho), but you should approach your problems in a different way, and not with 3 threads in one minute. For example, if you find out that language is the problem with your save, then, and after you figured it out, you start a post with a lot of details about how you managed to find the solution, that way people will be benefitted with the work, but if you start a thread and post every result you have, that doesn't help anyone, it only bothers people, try to understand it and you will avoid to get banned mate, it's nothing personal.
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