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The problem is just Language???????

  1. The problem is just Language???????

    is what im going to try to find out... i struggled like shit with zvezda after tried everything...

    now ill try the only thing i have left to try, and is to being serbian and speak serbian... maybe players are so dumb because they dont understand me, despite having an all serbian background staff, and i remember that in my monaco save when i won i was already speaking french...

    shall i succeed, the conclussion will be that Language barrier is the mother of struggling

  2. The matox diaries.
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  3. Try FM Classic - no team talks at all

  4. dunno like it, but if being serbian dont help...

  5. Naturally not being able to communicate with the players Will make you struggle. I always assumed you used à manager from Serbia. If you cant understand à single Word the players are saying and they cant understand à single Word you say, Tactics and motivation skills means nothing !!

  6. nope... same shit as always... this team is fking crap!!!

  7. ill give it a go with PSG... ill retake zvezda when huge fixed are made to this game... if i struggle with psg will take the pistol and shot myself

  8. lmao, you're hilarious!

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