ME engine, or me?

  1. ME engine, or me?

    Hello dear fm base community.

    Ive been a huge fan of the FM serial since it came out, playing it really a lot. This new engine caught me a bit by suprise, since it seems to me that some stuff you actually change, really have effect on the game outcome this time. And i like it!

    I'm having a few issues tho.. quite often i see my midfielders/full backs stop in front of an opposition midfielder/attacker, and just plainly loose the ball to their tackle or w/e. Any ideas how to counter this? or out-tweak it?

    And is it just me, but I've rarely scored some free kick goals/long distance goals? is there anything else for it, besides the regular free kick rating that i need to look out for?

    Thanks for any replies, they're most appreciated!

  2. Some parts are ME issues ( like stupid movements) some things are poor animation( like stupid turning of body) and some things are down to tactic and man management( like the rest).

  3. I'd say that you get goals against you that is down to errors in the ME every now and then, just like you score some of them. But it's not like its going to be the difference between winning the league and finishing 6th.

    I'd advise you to watch a game in full time mode to see if there are trends in your play that should change to cope with loss of possesion from your central line.

  4. Yeh so its def flawed a bit. I thought i was doing something wrong, everything i read around is people complaining about it, but i wasnt sure if its just me.

    Got one thing thats bothering me tho. Im having problems when im facing similar teams. When they use similar tactics as i do. What can i do to counter them?

    Most of the time i just single out some mentally weak player(key position if possible) in the team and trash-talk him publicly to get his morale low.

    I guess i will just have to get myself to watch full games i guess.

    btw, its my first savegame, still on the learning curve with the new ME, playing with deportivo, but i dont think it matters much.

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