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Champions League Winning Tactic: QPR Second Season
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  1. Champions League Winning Tactic: QPR Second Season


    FIFA V2.tac

    Hi all I'd like to share with you all my new tactic that I used to help win the Champions League with QPR. I'd already had success first season, winning the premier league and league cup first season. But those tactics didn't work on the new patch, they were dreadful! So I spent ages working out a new tactic that works, and here it is:

    Champions League Winning Tactic: QPR Second Season-queens-park-rangers_-tactics-overview.png

    It's a Fluid Deep 4-2-3-1 formation, that looks to take control of possession, but also provide deadly counter attacking football. Here's the results:

    Champions League Winning Tactic: QPR Second Season-queens-park-rangers_-fixtures-schedule-4.pngChampions League Winning Tactic: QPR Second Season-q.p.r.-v-barcelona_-stats-match-stats.png

    It was used as plug and play for 20 games whilst being tweaked here and there. Champions League final against Barca was agonising, creating 7 CCC to their 0, fortunately getting the win in extra time.

    I'm going to be doing some more testing with this tactic, but if anyone would like to give it a go feedback would be greatly appreciated


    GK - Sweeper Keeper
    Full Backs - standard, need pace/acceleration, good all round defensively, passing a necessity and attacking qualities a bonus.
    Centre Backs - Need to be quick and beasts in the air.
    DMRC - Is more defensive, so needs top quality defensive attributes. Good passing is a must as well, but other attacking qualities less so.
    DMLC - Gets forwards a bit more so needs to be an all rounder.
    AM R&L - Act somewhere inbetween an out-and-out winger and an inside forward, with the creative freedom to cut in or go down the line. Dribbling, Creativity, Passing, Decisions, Flair, Pace, Acceleration, Crossing, Finishing are all good attributes to have. Can play on flank on weaker foot or stronger foot.
    AMC - Supports the forward and as such needs forward like qualities, such as pace, composure, finishing, but also will be providing lots of through balls so passing, creativity, decision making are important also.
    ST - is a complete forward. Good in the air, quick, great finishing and can create goals. I've been using a combination of Andy Carroll and Djibril Cisse, but I wouldn't really call them out and out complete forwards, there are so many better candidates!

    The inspiration for the tactic came from my ultimate team tactic on FIFA and how I play the game. Short passing, high pressure, but organised defensively. Aggressive, lots of through balls and unpredictable wing play. I've got a German/Bundesliga theme going so a potential line-up I have is this:

    GK - Neuer
    DR - Lahm
    DL - Alaba
    DC - Hummels
    DC - Howedes
    DM - Bender
    DM - Schweinsteiger
    AMR - Ozil
    AMC - Reus
    AML - Muller / Kroos
    ST - Gomes
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  2. I'll give it a go with my Reading game. Do you do anything different away?

  3. Hey. Did u use this tactic every single game without tweaking? How did you train your squad? I`m testing the tactic right now, with my newcastle, first game didnt go to well... I lost 2-0 at Old Trafford. They had 20 shots, I had 3 without creating any CCCs. I will continue to try it, and let you know how it works out.

  4. I plug this tactic in middle season and works great P 10 W9 D1 L 0 lot of possession and ccc

  5. Why the right winger is a playmayker?

  6. Keith, I have just used this one tactic. I may well develop other tactics similar though for different situations.

    Mekki, For training I just had on full match training and focus on attacking movement. It may take a bit of time to re-adjust to the tactic, particularly if you used one that was very different previously. I got a draw at Old Trafford and was able to restrict their chances.

    j3nick - Excellent, glad its working for you. What team are you using it with?

    tflejszman - the reason both the wingers are playmakers is to create real unpredictable wing play, they can act as wingers or inside forwards, or provide through balls from deeper. Don't tick the playmaker box as that will mean that play will be directed more down one wing than the other.

  7. Ok I've just gone six games without conceding in the EPL and the last game was a 0-0 at Old Trafford. In most games Im dominating possession, sometimes as high as 75%, but either don't create enough chances or enough Clear Cut Chances.

    I've had training on Team Cohesion and Tactics but now I think the squad are used to it I will change match practise to Attacking Movement and see what happens.

    Edit: All my players have a rating above 7 apart from the AMC, who doesn't do a great deal. Might have the wrong player but he is my most creative by some way.
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  8. Keith - what have your results been? I've been having up and down performances from the AMC, I may tinker with his settings. I'm testing it with Everton, won first league game 4-0 vs Swansea.

  9. oh btw this is the best tactic i have tried so far. Beaten City and PSG in CL grup stage. Rubin Kazan second season.

  10. tflejszman - great stuff, how have you been doing in the league? What positions are performing well, where is it not so strong?

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